Highlights At The 'You Think You Have Sense' Book Launch Event Held In Abuja

You Think You Have Sense is an inspirational, self guide and educational book authored by Chukwuemeka Amadi and Chinedu Izundu. They shared the exact hacking techniques they applied in starting their lives from the barest scratch and eventually turning it to one of international recognition.

Turning Your Passion Into A Career

If there's one thing that tends to cause more frustration in the lives of people than just about anything else, it's being stuck in a boring job and career that they themselves don't care about. After all, your career often takes up a great deal of your time and if that time is spent feeling bored and miserable then that's going to have a pretty negative knock-on effect on your whole life. The solution? Well, why not think about building your career around something that you are really passionate about. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can turn your passion into a full time career.

5 Steps To Starting An Online Business

Online business is the thriving and blooming business of the 21st Century. These days almost every entrepreneur have something they are selling or services they are rendering online. It's not a fad, it has come to stay and as long as technology evolves, many other businesses will be founded on the internet space.
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