Only few business owners and entrepreneurs can actually boast about reading at least 12 business books in the past 10 months. Many are not ready to invest in knowledge and financial literacy for their business, yet they want to gain mastery and be called an expert. How possible can that be? Truth is, if you don’t read, you will not learn new things and if you don’t learn new things, you will be redundant in life.

The impact of books cannot be overemphasized. Books takes us on a journey and to places we have never been before, it gives us access to the minds of great individuals and enlarges our capacity to think big and become better at what we do.

Below, we have listed a number of top must-read inspiring books for small business owners and entrepreneurs. How many of them are you adding to your reading list? Let us know!

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1. Small Business Big Money by Akin Alabi

This book was created for the everyday business man and the small and medium scale enterprise owner. The author shared exact same business strategies and marketing techniques he used in building his business at NairaBet from scratch without any form external funding. So many valuable lessons to pick from the book that you don’t want to be told by a third party.

2. Digital: The New Code of Wealth by JJ. Omojuwa

This book got something for everyone seeking to make changes in public, private, business, and in thier personal lives. With this book, you will learn how to leverage digital for good and harness the potential power of digital innovation to create wealth of opportunities and drive social change in the economy. It will open your eyes to some of the timeless opportunities that can be found online while leaving your digital footprint and legacy behind.

3. Africa Rise and Shine by Jim Ovia

Africa Rise and Shine is the story of Jim Ovia, a Nigerian entrepreneur and the founder of Zenith Bank PLC. Olivia outlined his success and how he was able to grow his business and create one of Africa’s largest banks from an humbling beginning despite having countless setbacks. The book is filled with valuable tips and takeaways for every businessperson.

4. 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Do you want to escape the 9-5 life, live anywhere, and join the new rich? Then the 4-Hour Workweek book is for you. This is a self-help book that teaches street-smart tips for simplifying your life, automating your work, being more effective with your communications, cutting down on distractions, and using your time more effectively and efficiently.

5. School of Money by Olumide Emmanuel

One of the world’s leading wealth creation agent and expert has put together all the secrets, strategies, step by step guide and principles of generating wealth and multiplying your income in a power packed book. If you are into the world of business and entrepreneurship and thinking of ways to gain financial freedom, this book should be bet friend.

6. Soar by T.D. Jakes

Rising from where you are and where you ought to be sometimes seem scary because like a bird who just started flying, it will require you to soar high above the earth and that comes with a whole lot of courage. This book is all you need if you have the desire for self-improvement and if you’re willing to risk the familiar comfort of where you are for the adrenaline fuelled thrill of where you want to be.

7. Go Global with Opportunities by Grace Ihejiamaizu

Grace Ihejiamaizu is a social entrepreur, an educator, and the founder of Opportunity Desk – a platform for youths looking for international experience through global scholarships, internships, jobs, conferences, competitions, fellowships, grants and awards.

Grace has been named one of Google’s 12 brightest Young Minds in 2011 and a Global Changemaker in 2012. She is an icon for young people globally and in this book she shares and narrates an inspiring journey towards making one’s youth count. If you are keen on making a lasting impact in the world, then this is the book to read.

8. Knowledge is the New Gold by Stephanie Obi

Stephanie Obi is an online course creation strategist, the founder of TrainQuarters, and a techpreneur who specializes in enabling entrepreneurs to monetize their knowledge on the internet. She wrote this book sharing pathways to financial freedom and easy-to implement steps for finding your voice, building a community around your area of expertise and monetising your knowledge through profitable online courses.

9. What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School by Mark H. McCormark

This book should be every business owner best friend. Here Mark McCormack teaches you the inside out of everyday business life, the back end work, the practical guide to getting organized and gaining the competitive edge in the market place, how to sell more, manage your resources better, and get the job done.

10. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

This book is good for anyone who is on a journey to self discovery and building a million dollar brand from the scratch. Shoe Dog is a memoir written by Nike co-founder Phil Knight where he shared the most challenging and profound moments of his life. The books takes us on a journey of how Nike started from it’s early stage to how it became one of the most recognized and profitable companies in the world.

What books did we miss on the list? Share with us some of the most inspiring books you’ve ever read.