One of my top personal development goals at the beginning of the year was to learn a new language in order to enhance my access to global opportunities.

I researched some of the top foreign languages in the world, and after considering quite a number of them, I decided to go with French.

I chose French because it seemed like the easiest of all other foreign languages, especially because of its similarities with the English language.

I wanted to learn French for three major reasons:

  • Personal and Career Growth
  • Access to Global Opportunities
  • Effective Communication with Foreign Clients

You will agree with me that learning a foreign language in today’s world is bound to bring a life-long term of success and that’s because;

  • It gives you access to a new learning environment and cultural diversity by expanding your world view on societal issues.
  • It gives you an advantage over others when it comes to international opportunities and global networking.
  • It improves your communication skills and enhances your vocabulary.
  • It improves your employability prospects and opens you up to better job opportunities.
  • It improves your cognitive and analytical skills.

So, when I committed to learning French in the second quarter of the year, I decided to reach out to a Foreign language expert.

At first, I tried learning it on my own watching video lessons while using the Duolingo App (a language learning app) and I thought I could easily pick it up. It helped, but not as fast as I wanted it to.

It’s quite hard learning new languages as an adult and I struggled with it until I signed up for Favour John’s coaching class, a foreign language expert. Ever since my lessons began with her, I have started to become more fluent and intentional about speaking French. It’s been much easier.

Favour John was a two time best graduating student in Libreville (Freetown). She has a conversational grip on the Spanish Language, German and she majors in the French Language.

She holds a certificate in the Global education cycle under the prestigious University of Lome affiliated with AISEC. She was the Best graduating Student of the Foreign Language and translations Studies (Absu) 2017.

She has lived in two different French-speaking countries and she is a member of NAFLANS, a member of the Akwa Ibom State French Teachers Association. She is also a member of the French Institute, Abuja chapter.

She has over three years of experience in transmitting the knowledge of the French Language to both Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

She is a preacher of language learning and in her words “The way that leads to global relevance is faster on the shoes of languages” which is quite true.


Her coaching class called Speak French with Favour has trained over 100 people offline and online at different levels of the conversational French Language and they are doing well linguistically.

They have kept a record of teaching the standard French language and your only worry now should be “Am I ready to learn”?

Foreign languages truly have an incredible way of setting you up for success both in your career, business, and professional life. My ability to comprehend the language has improved and I have been able to know so much and express myself better having played my part.

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same thing but learning another way to think about things. – Flora Lewis

If you are monolingual and it hurts bad that you’ve missed out on a lot of international opportunities as a result, I would highly recommend this French classes with Favour.

All you have to do is to send a message to Speak French With Favour

French may be one of the easiest foreign languages for you to learn, but a little guidance from an expert definitely won’t hurt.

I hope to also learn other foreign languages like Spanish, German, and Italian as I progress in my career.

Are you monolingual? Do you have an interest in becoming bilingual? Have you tried learning a second language? What was the experience like for you? Aside from French, what other foreign language seems to interest you the most?