Student loans and other financial burdens can dampen your prospects after college. It seems your money’s already spent even before you start earning them. That’s another problem, too–the competitive job market doesn’t ensure that a degree will get you a job right after graduation. It’s a good thing that now more than ever, there’s a greater variety of high-earning side hustles students like you can take advantage of.

Not only will balancing a job with your studies improve your financial standing; it will also add a shimmer to your resume. Above all, side hustles will help you develop the discipline, time management skills, and other necessary tools you’ll need to truly excel in life.

The only thing left for you to decide is what job you’re going to get. Here are three top-earning options that will make you stand out from your competition once you enter the corporate scene.


Perhaps one of the biggest perks of online teaching is that you can do it at your own time in your own space. Most online teaching platforms give their teachers the liberty to pick their own schedule. While there might be requirements in terms of your workplace (clear background, quiet), it isn’t as demanding as going to an actual office in Australia.

You can also teach subjects you’re good at, highlighting your interest and specialty if you’re pursuing a career in the same field. Don’t limit yourself, though. Tutoring can also be done in person, with skills other than English and math. If you’re musically inclined and can play an instrument well, you can answer ads for parents looking for music tutors.

This can mean polishing your skills by attending piano lessons, but doing so only amps your advantage. Who wouldn’t want to hire a piano tutor who’s connected to a reputable music school?

Regardless of how you want to tutor and which subjects you’ll focus on, a teaching experience always looks good on your resume.


Online Marketing

It’s likely that as of this reading, you have notifications popping up from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Since you’re already an active user of these social media sites, why not make money out of them?

Your impressive Photoshop and captioning skills can catch the attention of persons or companies who are looking for social media marketers. However, you might need to focus on select subjects and maintain a specific aesthetic for your accounts. From here, you have two options: turn them into your portfolio, or build a following.

Contrary to popular belief, small influencers tend to attract more sponsorship offers. This is because they seem more authentic to their audience. Who knows?Yourfollowing might grow, and this can turn into your full-time job.

Tourist Guide

Companies like people with good PR skills. You’ll see it in every job posting: likable, sociable, team player. No one wants to hire a person who can’t adapt to their existing work culture and get along with their team members. Getting a job as a part-time tourist guide shows that you’re not only personable–you’re also intelligent, responsible, and possibly in possession of great leadership skills.

This job is perfect for you if you’re adventurous and are good at memorizing facts and figures. It’s also an excellent way to build your network. Most of the time, it’s not what you know that will propel your career forward, but who you know. Do a good enough job, and you might be getting offers even before you graduate.

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Balancing your work with your studies doesn’t have to feel like a burden. If you look at it as a means to nurture your career, you’ll have more than enough motivation to do it with excellence.