Everyone has their own career advancement goals. Most people are still in the process of realizing their career objectives. But that does not necessarily mean everyone is doing everything they can just to succeed.

Sometimes, we lack in the strategies and effort department. Other times, we do things excessively, which can also hinder our career success. No matter what industry you’re in or what position you wish to attain, it is time you stop doing these four things if you want to get ahead in your career.


Taking Leadership Skills for Granted

The more you advance in your career, the more people you will meet, handle and need to take under your wing. You will be responsible for honing their skills, making sure they get things done, and ensuring that they don’t do anything against the rules. But if you are unable to prove your leadership skills, other people will doubt your ability to lead and excel in a higher position.

There are many reasons why successful people are so picky in choosing the people they will be promoting next. They want more than just the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience. They make sure their next hire can step up to the challenge, including the issues that can only be solved by effective leaders.

If you really want to snag that position where people will look up to you as an excellent leader and nurture career advancement, be willing to learn how to lead effectively. You have the option to learn from a mentor whom you look up to. They can help become a better leader through empathetic leadership coaching and training.


Skipping Networking Opportunities

Not everyone is a people person. Some people prefer working alone, barely coordinating with others, and still get things done. But then, we must remember that in the real world, your connections matter just as much as your talent and skills.

You may have years of experience and have the skills anyone dreams of having. But if you don’t make use of the opportunity to get along well with others, you are already two steps behind those that have the right connections. Just like in business, who you know matters more than what you know.

You don’t necessarily need to be a suck-up. You just need to build good relationships with the right people. So, the next time you think about not attending a company event, not signing up for the next networking meeting, or ignoring your colleagues, choose to be more friendly, loosen up, and start networking.


Failure to Extend a Helping Hand

There are times when someone will need a bit of help, but you simply don’t care thinking doing so will not benefit you. But in reality, you will never know who you are extending your help to. So, think twice before you chose not to help someone that is not related to your department or industry.

Another department might need more people to help them finish a project. Instead of thinking that this is not something that concerns you, lend a helping hand whenever you can. This will give you the opportunity to grow your network, gain horizontal experience, and even learn something new that could benefit you in the future.

This can also extend outside of work and in your community. You can find a nonprofit, charity, or cause you are passionate about and make time to volunteer. Just because your upper management may not even know your volunteer efforts does not mean you won’t gain anything in return.

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Hiding Your Skills on Social Media

There are many reasons why even professionals enjoy social media. For one, this allows them to connect to other professionals, nurture their network, and achieve their career advancement goals. Other times, they use different platforms to find better job opportunities.

If you want to get noticed by recruiters or even influential people in your industry, you need to stop hiding. Get yourself out on social media and show them what you have. Online, you have so many options that let you showcase your skills and expertise.

For one, you can share valuable content that might be useful for other professionals. You can do podcasts, videos, or blogs. You can also consider providing consultation services, grow a client base, and start your own firm.

Social media can also help you engage with other professionals that can potentially introduce you to your next job or client. With the amount of power social media has, this could be the very platform that will help you realize your dreams. You just need to find ways to optimize social media so you can finally recommendations you need to succeed.

Sometimes, people do too little or too much when trying to chase their career advancement goals. While there is no secret formula to advancing in your career, there are many ways you can start getting ahead of the race. The first step is to realize your goals and begin to identify the things you do wrong that stops you from achieving your goals.

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