At the back of our minds, we know that setting goals are important. However, as we move through our lives, we forget to set goals that really matter or give us value. And the truth is, working towards any goals requires a lot of effort and time. You’ve got a demanding 9-5 job, expensive bills coming in every month, and tons of other personal responsibilities, leaving you with little to no time to do what you love and enjoy life.

Feels like life’s getting crazier than that? Maybe it’s time for you to sit down and think about setting real-life goals. Believe it or not, doing this can make you feel more alive. You know where you’re heading and you’ve got a bunch of reasons to get up in the morning. To make things easier for you, we’ve already listed a few personal life goals that you should reach in your young adult stage.


Try living on your own

Depending on your financial situation, living on your own can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you can ever have. You can be as messy or as clean as you want. You can decorate the entire space with everything you love. You can enjoy privacy and personal space for you to relax or do your hobbies. You can keep your living cost down much easier. Living alone will help you learn to be more independent, more responsible with your finances, and discover more about yourself.

Learn to say ‘no’

Admit it, you often find it hard to say no to almost everything, from commitments, plans, jobs, and the list goes on. What you should remember is that it’s okay to say no sometimes. Be confident and honest with your response. Learning to say no can help you be more authentic, maintain healthy boundaries, and become more productive as you’re responsible for your own time. Instead of worrying about hurting someone’s feelings, disappointing people, or being too selfish, think about what really matters to you.

Contribute to retirement

Why worry about retirement when it’s decades away, right? But newsflash ladies and gents, it’s important to start early. As with any savings goal, you can have more money when you retire if you start as early as now. If you’re currently employed, ask your company if they are offering retirement plans. Some use 401k wherein they match your contribution up to a specific percentage. You can also start a Roth IRA, which offers tax benefits and better flexibility compared to the traditional IRA.

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Focus on your savings

Setting aside money for something you want to purchase is easier said than done – hard truth right there. What you should learn is that saving money is a habit that you need to practice. From creating your budget, tracking your expenses, setting financial goals, to deciding on your priorities, everything requires continued effort. To give you an idea, short-term savings goals include vacation, emergency fund, and car down payment, while long-term ones can be for your retirement, child’s education, or down payment for a home.

Start investing

Investing is a good option if you want to build wealth outside of your savings and retirement accounts. If you’re not taking advantage of the eighth wonder of the world, which is compound interest, you’re definitely losing the game. Seek the help of a financial advisor to find the best types of investments that suit your goals and situation.

One smart option is investing in property through the help of a professional independent mortgage broker and get stable cash flow, passive income, and tax advantages. You can also start investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to diversify your profile.

Discover what sparks joy

To wrap it all up, be sure to also make your decisions around the things that bring you joy. Feeling joy can improve your physical and mental wellness, as well as help you recover from stress. It gives you positive feelings and thoughts. Discovering what brings joy to our lives can be a lot easier by trying something new every day, expressing creativity, or even talking to your friends and loved ones.

Remember though that the things that spark joy in your life can change as you evolve as a person, so always make time to keep this goal in check. These personal goals are just a few examples to give you an idea for setting yours. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is.

As long as it matters to you and adds value to your life, you’re on the right track. Avoid stressing yourself out in accomplishing your goals and just enjoy the road.