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Young, Purposeful, In Love With Jesus. 

Heeeyyyy!!! This is Naomi Destiny, the owner of the blog and I am so glad you are here! WELCOME TO MY ONLINE POSITIVE SPACE😊

Who am I?

I am a believer and a passionate dream achiever. I love to write, create and curate contents, I also love to inspire and motivate people unto their best life. I have always had the heart in helping others achieve their dreams and it's been quite fulfilling for me.

Things are right in my life when everything is in order or when it's filled with positive and passionate people including friends, family, and so much joy. I love to read a good book and my life is filled with lots of them, they sought of keep me going. I despise ignorance and really hate negative vibes. Nothing fuels my soul like being passionate about what I was created to do and living life to the fullest.

My life is an unending source of inspiration filled with learning new things, growing, and the beauty of becoming all I can ever be. I love God, he is the source of my strength and the reason for my existence. Life has been really beautiful with him by my side, leading, guiding, and bringing me through whatever it is.

I am a certified accountant but I fell in love with the digital space. Behind the scene, I'm a creative entrepreneur and I love to find my hands doing something worth while. Although, I've spent the last 5 years of my life creating contents for visionary media platforms, I'm also into writing and publishing stories both digitally and locally. My greatest motivation has always been to live a life that positively impacts the lives of others, thereby committing to them living a well meaningful and productive life.

Seeing how many people told me several times that my words greatly affects them as well as motivate them to be and do better, I therefore started this blog with the passion  and aim to be a better writer, make a difference, and with the hope that someday, it will be one of the best inspirational, motivational, and educational platform out there especially for youths and those who have misplaced priorities in life.

I know there are so many blogs and websites out there but I do hope you know that my words here are backed up from the experiences I have had on my journey and with the love I have for you and the believe in my heart that your life can be so much more.

As we walk together on this path, I want you to know that I'm really passionate about your well being and I promise to keep the blog light hearted and inspiring. I hope you join our community and hang around  us for long. If you desire to know me personally, kindly read 22 Random Facts About Me

About the blog:

NDB aims towards creating a sense of community for young ones out there to be the best they can be as well as inspire them to live a well meaningful and productive life. Here you will find bits of my life, my journey, my faith, personal style, practical  life lessons and experiences from great people. We would get to encourage and inspire one another as I get to support you in becoming all that you can be.

I hope you really do stick around and join me in making positive impact as I fulfill purpose and become all that God created me to be. We really can make it happen!

If you've got questions / collaborations and would love to partner with me, why not? Feel free to inbox me on my Official Email Address .

I surely look forward to seeing you around and to hear your amazing feedback, comments, and questions, kindly Get In Touch or connect with me on Twitter and Instagram

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Tweet: I just found out about this new blog, it's really cool and I think you should check it out.I just found out about this new blog, it's really cool and I think you should check it out!

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