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About Me

My name is Naomi Destiny and I'm a creative writer, a personal development coach, an entrepreneur at Sensationals (a gift brand and consultation company) and the owner of NaomiDestiny.com (an inspirational blog and digital media brand focusing on career, lifestyle, faith, women, entrepreneurship, and personal development).

I help to create and curate contents for visionary media platforms. I also mentor, coach, and empower others unto personal growth, as well as inspire them unto living their best life. I have always had the heart in helping others achieve their dreams and it's been quite fulfilling for me.

My life is an unending source of inspiration, one filled with continuous learning, growth, self improvement, empowering others, and becoming all that God wants me to be. My greatest motivation has always been to live and build a life of impact. A life that positively influences others, thereby committing to them living a meaningful, purposeful, and productive life.

Things are right in my life when it's filled with positive and all round supportive people including family and friends. Nothing fuels my soul like being passionate about touching lives and building lasting impact on others, especially one that positively contributes to the life of everyone I meet on my journey.

I am an ardent lover of God and a faith influencer. Life has been really beautiful doing life with Jesus by my side, he has been my everything. And I find it quite amazing that he continues to love on me and strengthen me through my journey. The world is filled with so much trouble and negativity but in Jesus, I have found a safe place. He is indeed my everything.

If you are a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, small business owner or creative who needs to live your best life, personally develop yourself or become all you ever dreamt of becoming, I’m here for you. When I’m not writing, I’m serving some major inspiration goals and self help guidance on how you can personally evolve, upgrade yourself, and live your best life. You can hit me up right here!

Naomi Destiny is also a Certified Accountant but behind the scenes you will always find her here on the blog, sharing helpful tips to simplify a whole lot for others. As a creative entrepreneur, content manager, personal growth advocate, media and technology enthusiast, she loves to share her journey and experiences, including that of others with you.

Seeing how many people told her severally that her words greatly affect them as well as motivate them to be and do more with their life, she started this blog with the aim and mission for it to become the best destination hub for all things inspirational and youths who have misplaced priorities in life.

I hope you know that every word shared here on the blog are backed up from the experiences we have all had on our journey and with the love we have for you and the believe in our hearts that your life can be so much more. As we walk together on this path, we want you to know that we are really passionate about your well being. And all of us here promise to keep the blog positive hearted and awe inspiring for you.

Hope you also join our online community and hang around here with us a lot. To know more about Naomi Destiny, kindly read 22 Random Facts About Me

About The Blog

NDB aims towards creating a sense of community for young ones out there to be the best they can be as well as inspire them to live a well meaningful and productive life.

Here you will find bits of Naomi Destiny lifestyle, her journey including that of others, her faith, personal style, practical life lessons, tips, and experiences from great writers and well learned people. We get to encourage and inspire you on your journey as we support you in becoming all that you can ever be.

Hope you really do stick around and join us in making positive impact as we fulfill purpose together and inspire you to be all that you are created to be. We really can make it happen!

If you've got questions / collaborations and would love to partner with us, why not? Feel free to inbox us on our Official Email Address.

We surely look forward to seeing you around and to hearing your amazing feedback, comments, and questions. Kindly Get In Touch or connect with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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