5 Proven Ways To Be More Mindful With Your Phone

Often times, we find ourselves addicted to our smartphone. It's almost like a part of us is incomplete when separated from it, as more than half of us tend to feel very nervous and uncomfortable when it gets missing.

So, in a bid to be help you become more mindful and intentional this year, we came up with 5 proven ways to save you time, stress, and daily improve your productivity below.

Ojone Akubo: I Derive So Much Joy And Fun From Baking!

I came across Dainty Cakes last year, when a Facebook friend of mine shared an image of a beautiful cake on her timeline and I was like Woww...Who baked this? It was so cute and lovely.

Essential Beauty Tips For Rushed Mornings & Busy Days On The Go

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up feeling strangely refreshed only to realize you’ve overslept and that you’ll probably going to be late for work or school? Sadly, we’ve all had those mornings, and we often sacrifice our good looks, flawless makeup and cute outfits because we want to be on time. Fortunately, there are some pretty useful beauty tips and hacks that will allow you to get ready in no time and look flawless all day long.

How To Feel Content Being Single + 4 Ways To Enjoy The Valentine's Day

Living as a single person in today's world is  quite hard. Why? Because everyone makes it seem like something is wrong with you. And it's even way harder if you are still living under your parents house. It's as if, you are suffering from an incurable disease and you really need to be referred to a specialist for proper care and attention.

I'm not sure why everyone is trying to fit into the mole but I do know that each time I remember the days I felt discontent with being alone and loving myself all by myself, I wish I could beat myself up for ever trying to think my value or self worth was tied to a relationship just to feel loved by someone.

Being single is not a disease.

This mistaken belief that singleness equals rejection can lead to insecurity, self-esteem issues, hatred, and depression. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, it may be helpful to remember that you are not alone.

There are so many single people out there and it's not a shame to admit it. Being single is not a hard thing and the fact that you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, does not mean you won't have one someday. It's only for a season and that season will pass!

#8 Top Social Media Do's And Don'ts!

Statistics shows there are over 2.46 billion active users on social media and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. shows just how powerful social networks are.

Social media is a website or application that enables users create and share contents in order to participate in social networking. This in turn facilitates the sharing of ideas, information, and other interests via communities and networks.

Social media is great but do not spend so much time on it that you end up doing nothing. - CAFRICA INSPIRATIONS

And while there are many good and positive sides to the use of social media, the negative sides are also numerous, which is why I decided to share on the top do's and don'ts of social media. I hope it inspires you to do better with your platform.

7 Habits You Shouldn't Overlook This Year

When I was doing a review on some of the things I needed to improve and work on this year, I came up with a list of 7 things I should be doing regularly and I felt I should share them on the blog with you guys.

And since I'm all about personal development, growing daily, and becoming better in specific areas of my life, I feel these habits shouldn't be overlooked but rather embraced for the good and benefit of one's general wellbeing.

There are people depending on your transformation.

Habits are like daily routines, something we do often or repeatedly for a long period of time to achieve a desired result and sometimes we do them subconsciously.

Sunday Vibes || The Place Of Prayer

Prayer is a means of communicating with God, it's not a monologue but a dialogue which opens up doors for us to be aligned with his purposes and plans for our lives. Being a christian means you are in a relationship with God and having a place set aside for prayers will help you strengthen your relationship with him and determine his perfect will for your life

The greatest tragedy in life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer. - F.B Meyer

How To Look Your Best - Even When You Don't Feel It

You got up after barely a few hours of sleep, tired, hair greasy, eyes puffy, and with a giant pimple that seems to have decided the middle of your forehead is the equivalent of a luxurious Fifth Avenue condo. It moved in, put its socks in the underwear drawer, and it looks like it’s here to stay for at least a few days, until you kick it out with spot treatment. And on top of everything? It’s Monday. Whoopty-freakin’-do.

Well, you’ve got two choices: call in sick and stay at home, or get up, slap a smile on your face, and face the day. Does the first option sound more tempting? Sure it does. And sometimes it’s the best option, sometimes taking a day off really is beneficial. But for the most part, soldering on, while more difficult, is much more rewarding. Here’s one thing you need to know: we’re here for you. We all have terrible days, but we’ve piled some great tips that helped us get through them, and we’re here to share.
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