Top 10 Inspiring Books For Entrepreneurs

Only few business owners and entrepreneurs can actually boast about reading at least 12 business books in the past 10 months. Many are not ready to invest in knowledge and financial literacy for their business, yet they want to gain mastery and be called an expert. How possible can that be? Truth is, if you don't read, you will not learn new things and if you don't learn new things, you will be redundant in life.

The impact of books cannot be overemphasized. Books takes us on a journey and to places we have never been before, it gives us access to the minds of great individuals and enlarges our capacity to think big and become better at what we do.

Google Celebrates 21st Birthday with a Special Doodle

The world's biggest search engine celebrates it's 21st Birthday today with a special cryptic doodle. Yes! Even the smallest of ideas can lead to big things and no better example than Google. A small search tool has turned into one of the world's biggest and most popular tech company. Google has taught us to never underestimate the power of starting small.

How to Quickly Get a Flat Tummy - Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, producer and a trained digital filmmaker. She studied at the New York Film Academy, and has written several screenplays such as; Moms at War, Fatal Imagination, Being Mrs Elliott, The First Lady, and Wives on Strike.

She is a beautiful black woman and a proud mother of three handsome boys. She took to her Instagram page recently and shared effective secrets to her flat tummy thereby encouraging other women on the possibility of having a perfect body. We hope it helps you as well!

10-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral for Posting An Inspirational Video Celebrating Her Natural Hair

Promise Sawyers, a 10-year-old fifth grader at Head Middle Magnet in Nashville, Tennessee who was bullied for wearing her natural in an Afro goes viral after making an inspiring video promising to return to school "bigger and better" than before.

After students at her new school made fun of her Afro, she made a touching video which was later posted to Facebook by her mother - Qui Daugherty who learned that her daughter had secretly recorded it on her phone.

Naomi Osemedua Wins First Hive Africa Community Support Award 2019

Hive Africa is a global community of conscious leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who are collaborating on creating a better world which is based around authentic community, global inclusion, and meaningful purpose.

Hive Africa provides a transformative Global Leaders Program (GLP) on leadership community, integrating elements of entrepreneurship, purpose, life design, wellness, the arts, authentic relating, personal development, and global systems thinking.

How to Completely Reinvent Yourself And Become a Better You

Personal growth and development is an essential path we must all take to achieve success in life. It is the conscious and deliberate effort to improve your life, grow as an individual, invest in your future, reinvent yourself and become a better person in the future.

When it comes to personal development, there is never a place of arrival. It's a continuous process. You must never think that you have arrived because there should always be room for improvement. You must also be ready and disciplined enough to take the required action to be better at what you do and who you are generally.

Interview: Leke Beecroft Talks About How Church Gist Started and the Inspiration Behind It

Leke Beecroft is the founder of the popular and most widely read Christian news and publishing site Church Gist. He founded it some years ago and has been able to grow its following and fan base to over 3 million readers and thousands of visitors daily. What started as a monthly publication during a trying season in his life has now turned to a global platform providing hope and inspiration to many through highly enriching and spiritually filled contents.

How to Improve Your Mindset in 3 Simple Steps

The mind is a powerful tool for self-development. It is the most effective system of change and authorization to your preferred outcome in life. Your mind is the biggest driving force to a better life in the future. It has the ability to create and produce possibilities in your present reality. The better your thoughts, the better your mind is going to attract.
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