Sunday Vibes || 30 Encouraging Scriptures For Women

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, scared, down, lost or without hope? These Bible verses will uplift your spirit and encourage you on your life's journey.

1. Proverbs 31:25
She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

Tyler Perry's Acrimony: Movie Review

So I finally saw the much talked movie 'ACRIMONY' and to be honest, it left me shook. My mind kept racing back and forth, till the end. 

To tell you what, the movie is capable of brewing hot arguments. Men would naturally want to support the guy and women, the lady.

Truth is, our perspectives will not all be the same. No matter how we each try to report what we see, a little bit of sentiment can not be totally ruled out.

Seven Entrepreneurial Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

It's okay to make mistakes as we have all made our shares of them. It happens to everyone. Mistakes are an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial process because they are needed for constant improvement and development.

You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than not doing anything at all. - Mark Zuckerberg

The road to success is paved with lots of mistakes making alongside but it doesn't matter as many times you make them, so long as you learn from it. Here are top seven mistakes other entrepreneurs and start ups have made and why you shouldn't make them.

How To Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

As most of you already know, Instagram recently made some great changes to their user interface which includes the IGTV (a new feature that allows users to create a channel for videos) and a new feature that allows you to save and categorize your archived Instagram stories on your profile page.

You may have probably seen major influencers accounts personalizing their cover pages into something beautiful and cohesive. I have personally gotten questions from most of you, asking me how to create them.

Why You Should Invest In Conferences

I love to attend conferences and I think I have always had a thing for them. I mean who doesn't love an opportunity to learn, connect with like minds, and become better at what they do.

Conferences are a formal gathering or meeting of people with common interest coming together in order to talk and share ideas about a particular topic or to solve a problem (typically one that takes place over several days).

25 Business Ideas To Start With Little Money In Nigeria

The number of unemployed youths in Nigeria keeps increasing day by day. And while it calls for serious intervention by the Government, it's also a wake up call to every one out there who haven't gotten their hands on something.

Just yesterday, I was telling a recent graduate not to sit back, relax, and fold her hands waiting for a white collar job. I told her to start something now no matter how small it feels because I believe we all have something deep inside of us that is capable of launching us into our desired place.

Staying Committed To Your Dreams - What You Need To Know.

It's a brand new month and what better way to start than to first, be grateful for being alive to accomplish new things. Life is a roller coaster ride and it takes a lot of committment to keep at what you do especially if you want to actualize your dreams.

Often times, I have found myself pushing too hard because of some given expectations and unrealistic goals being laid down but how much is too much for one to do? I know how hard it really gets to stay committed out there, especially when thing's don't go as expected and I'm here to help you out.

7 Simple Tips To Staying Productive At Work

Productivity has always been a challenge to several people and in most recent times, I have come to realize how hard it keeps getting to stay productive in today's busy world.

Several things seems to be distracting and diverting our attention from focusing on what really matters and living a more free, meaningful, and productive life.
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