The Ultimate Guide: How to Start and Build a Profitable Blog

There is room for every blogger out there to shine. The sky is big enough to accommodate every one of us, why? Because no one else is you. Your voice and your message is unique. It's second to no other and you can do anything you put your mind to do, if only you believe.

Simple Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be our top most priority in life. However with our everyday busy schedule, it can be quite difficult to implement healthy habits into what we eat or drink. In this post, I shared some of the most simple habits that can help you keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

January Favorites || Fashion & Lifestyle

I thought it will be nice to share a few of my favorites for the month of January. Some of them are new and some of them have been around for a while now. As you read on, I hope you love them and share some of your favorites too.

Outsourcing - What's The Big Fuss?

There probably isn't a single business that wouldn’t benefit from outsourcing once in a while. From single people enterprises to multi billion-grossing companies, outsourcing is a great idea. It can be coined as a strategy to get work completed outside of what might typically be the work of a staff member. It simply means that someone else is doing the job.

In most cases, something that will be outsourced will be, because it is more cost effective or there isn't the available skill set in the company to do the task.

15 Powerful Quotes By John Obidi

Headstart Africa Community (formerly known as SmartBcamp) is one of the reasons 2018 was successful for me. Uncle John Obidi, you have impacted my life in a way you can not even begin to fathom, and this post is long overdue. Your posts regardless of how long or brief, how ordinary or extraordinary, funny or serious has helped shaped my world for the better.

Finding God In Your Season of Loneliness

Most of us must have experienced loneliness at some point of our lives, and we can clearly understand the pain that comes with it. While many may easily get through it, a lot of us are stuck in between an increasingly common problem that leaves us isolated in life. This isolation and loneliness process can make us lose touch with loved ones, the people around us, and sometimes with God.

5 Tips to Eating Healthy In A Thai Restaurant

Thai food is famous all around the world because it provides one with so many health benefits. It will give you a great amount of Vitamin C because it includes garlic and chilly ingredients. It is also good for your heart. Even Tom Yum soup is well known among many others. Scientific studies shows that Thai foods have great immune boosting powers because their dishes are mostly made with coconut oil and peanut oil. It is therefore considered very healthy to eat.

Careers To Help Keep You On Your Toes In 2019

One thing that many people want from their career, aside from a very tasty paycheck, is something that's going to interest them and keep the passion alive. Unfortunately, many people lose interest in their chosen career due to it's repetitive nature. So, if you are looking for a career to help keep you invested in your cause, we hope you to take a look at these careers that will most definitely, ensure that you are on your toes!
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