7 Podcasts Every Blogger Needs To Listen To

When it comes to podcasts, I have quite a number of favorites and it's a bit hard picking the best because I think they are all top-notch. As a blogger, it's important I surround myself with other like-minds, creatives individuals, and some of the best motivational resources out there. This is why, I decided to share some of the phenomenal podcasts that are soul-lifting and inspiring that I daily listen to and I believe everyone should be listening to. Not only are they good for bloggers, they are also outstanding and delightful to every one who seeks improvement at what they do, or find creative solutions along their career path.

5 Modern Ways to Keep Your Home Office Chic and Simple

We picked out a couple of amazing ideas on how you can decorate a girl’s home office and keep it chic but simple. Instead of opting in for the usual masculine neutral tones like steely gray and other cold nuances which are actually boring, you can express your uniqueness through diverse modern designs. So, if you’re one of the successful striving women, take a look at what we have prepared for you and get inspired!

Why You Should Believe In Yourself No Matter What

You doubt your dreams and visions? You wonder if they will ever come through? You doubt your existence? You wish you had something better to do much better? You think you are not capable of achieving your goals? You feel you are not good enough? You are quite scared? You don't feel confident about where you are headed in life? If your answer is yes, then you probably don't believe in yourself! And even if you do, you are not so sure.

7 Must-Have Tools For Online Businesses

Thanks to the evolving trend and change in technology, you can now work online and manage your businesses from any part of the world. In this post, I have included some of the best online business tools I have used. These tools have been proven to help manage time, money, and resources for better results and successful user outcome. I'm sure you had find them helpful as well!

Deborah Sarki: My Drive To Improve and Learn Everyday Shaped My Becoming Process

Entrepreneurship is the new order of the day in Africa, and it's just so remarkable seeing women thrive in the system. These women are not just called CEO's for title sake, they wear it as a crown and work tirelessly to attain success at what they do. Our 21st Century Woman feature is a part of them, she is one passionate African woman building a thriving and sustainable business in a blooming economy.

Meet Deborah Sarki, the CEO of Deem Style Accessories, a unique bespoke fashion accessories brand for Men's styling. She makes customized bow ties, brooch pins, lapel pins, and wedding boutonnieres. She also offers image styling and consultations for clients. She is doing her best to contribute positively to lives around her and the world at large. We were so glad to have her share some dose of inspiration on the blog. Enjoy!

Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer

Knowing how to put out quality content in form of writing, is not something exclusive to individuals who are professionals only. Truth is, anyone can learn to write and produce engaging content through intense research and practice. Personally, I mastered the art of writing in college, through my literature professor who always encouraged us to write articles for the literature department. The articles were to be published monthly in a school magazine, and the more I wrote, the better I got with my skills.

Johnstone Kpilaakaa: My Salvation Experience

It's always a joy to see young who are people focused, hardworking, dedicated, purpose driven, and passionate about what they do and where they are headed in life. This, is what best describes Johnstone Kpilaakaa, a 18 year old student of Biological Sciences and Education at the University of Jos, Nigeria.

12 Famous Creatives Who Overcame Failure

You can easily prepare for a job interview, you can quickly plan for your first day at a new position, you can also prepare for an upcoming meeting, but one thing that's hard to anticipate is failure.
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