Jesus Has My Love

I was once on a road with no destination, always looking lost. Didn't know how to live life, didn't know what it feels like to be loved. I tried so hard to search for something, may be an inner peace, but nothing ever seemed to be sufficient. I didn't know who I was, I had fears, I worried so much about a lot of things. Sometimes I just couldn't find my happy because I was always giving in to depression and then I almost gave up.

But then Jesus crossed my path and gave me hope, he taught me how to live again, he helped me survived brokenness and everything drowning me. He showed me a love unknown, he helped me actualize dreams I never knew will come true and he gave me an everlasting peace. He showed me a light and helped me see even far beyond the light. It was then I realized that all this while I was in darkness. 

I never thought I'll feel this loved until the day you came into my life. You were there when no one else was there, you showed me just how to believe in myself and you kept my hope alive. Despite my shortcomings you called me your own...and you know what guys, God wrote each one of us into his story and he loves us too much to leave us alone in our messes and not keep bugging us to do things his way.

I was going to waste but Jesus recycled me, he gave his life for me to be safe. I used to want a lot of things, all the stuff that's on TV, the perfect guy, cars, clothes, fashion lights and accessories. I focused on the wrong stuffs. Now I got my eyes on Him and now I know that he is all I need. His love found me and that's the reason why he got my love. Does he have yours too?

Happy Sunday, God bless you!

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