Resolutions For Self Improvement

Resolutions are great if you are the type of person that is disciplined and can actually stay true to your goals. Just in case you are thinking about what resolution to make or commit to in 2015, here are at least ten things you should add and stop doing on your list:
1.  Stop spending money unnecessarily especially on material items, instead save up for moments you will remember for the rest of your life. Sure, it's great to feel pretty, handsome and classy but figure out how to prioritize your needs.
2. Stop making up stories to make your life seem more interesting than it actually is. Don't borrow to impress others, live your wage.  Just tell the truth to others and yourself, otherwise you will fall for the false impression of yourself and you will believe you are worthy of complacency than you actually are. Then you too will loose track of what's real and what's not.

3. Stop being afraid to say YES to more things. Sitting around at home on the Internet is comfortable and familiar, but there are so many opportunities out there if you just show up. Attend more meetings or seminars, sign unto new projects, go out for the sake of it, explore a new place by yourself and don't be afraid to speak up. Feeling passionate and creative is so much better than feeling lethargic.
4. Stop scrolling through twitter or Facebook when you are doing important things or out with important people. Stop refreshing your feeds when you are busy at work or studying. Stop checking your notifications every time you go out. You'll always be able to catch up on social media, but you only have so long with the people you care about.
5. Stop being so judgmental. Consciously stop basing first impressions on physical attractiveness. People are so much more than just a Facebook photo or a profile view. 

6. Stop giving your time to enemies and surround yourself with people who reciprocate feelings of love. Stop allowing people who think negatively of you to consume your energy; they don't deserve it. Make friends with people who are interesting and interested in you too. Don't starve the people who love you while you're trying to feed those who weren't there when you were starving. Support those who support you. 
7. Stop over analyzing everything. People may love you for it and then suddenly walk away without telling you what you did wrong.
8. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is unique in their own special way, you are a celebrity too.
9. Stop being afraid to pursue your dream, no matter how cliché it may sound. Your dream of writing a book, becoming a movie star, producer or director, owning s fashion line, becoming an artiste, becoming a C.E.O or that dream of becoming this country's president are all possible. Why not let the desire to make your dreams come true overpower your fears of reaching them.
10. Stop beating yourself up for not being your 100% best all the time. Self-improvement and development is a gradual process. Though self-discipline is important but we all screw up, we all cut corners and need vacations. Give yourself some leeway and then, get back on track.

Wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

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