She is bold, beautiful, strong and a determined young lady with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. She loves God, loves everything about natural hair and loves to make people look good. Deb is a Lawyer in the making who is also into Arts & Entertainment, a Jesus freak, and a natural hair consultant. In this interview, Deb talks on everything about her natural hair, the journey so far and the faux locs she makes.
Can we meet you and can you please tell us more about yourself?

  • My name is Deborah Ejeh, proudly Idoma from Benue state, Nigeria. I’m presently studying law at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I’m totally in love with God, into Arts & Entertainment, a proud lover of team natural hair and a fervent follower of Jesus Christ.

When did you start your Natural Hair journey?

  • I started transitioning in November 2013, did my big chop on January 1st, 2014…it was my new year resolution. Lol!
What inspired you to go Natural?

  • Aside heat and chemical damage, hair changing to red color, my hair line thinning out and being highly uneven, the thought to go natural kept ringing in my heart but there was no ginger (i.e hype). Then one day around Maitama in Abuja I went to buy fried yam from one Akara joint…up Naija! (laughs) and that was when I saw this Diplomatic Nigeria chick, I was carrying a curly weave on my hair and she was admiring it and she was carrying a beautiful twist out but then unknowingly  I thought it was a weave and I told her I like yours too! but she was like, it’s not a weave, it’s my natural hair and I was like WHAT!!! I was shocked because the hair looked so healthy and gorgeous. And that was how the journey started. Hey chick, I don’t know you personally but wherever you are…thanks for inspiring me.

How long have you been Natural?

  • Errmm…roughly 1.5 years now.

How has been the journey so far?

  • It’s been fruitful, I have experienced massive hair growth which has been a source of inspiration to others. So far, I’ve been able to guide some few young ladies on what it takes to go natural and also help them in doing their big chop.

Who is your Natural Hair crush?

  • She is Dephne Madyara, I love her faith in God and her Natural hair regimens.

Are you a Natural Hair junkie?

  • No I’m not. I believe less is more.

What should we expect from you on this platform?

  • Expect encouragement, tips for hair retention, pictures to inspire you and answers to your natural hair questions.
Finally what is faux locs by Deb all about?

  • First of all, I really love the hairstyle and for a long time I searched for who is good at making it but unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone that good. So I decided to learn it, then I started practicing on my hair and on my friends hair and that’s how faux locs by Deb started.
Below are some of the pictures of faux lock made by Deb. You can connect with her on IG: @tirzah_naturals

Thank you for being here!

  • Thank you. I look forward to a happy natural hair journey with my amazing fans!