Oh My God!!! I can’t believe I made it! I’m so excited right now because BSc is finally over. It’s been four wonderful and productive years of learning, cramming, growth, adventure, the worst and best forms of experiences put together. I couldn’t have done it all by myself, God literally stood beside me. He has brought me a mighty long way and I’m so grateful to him.
As my friends would say, ‘It didn’t easy’ and I must confess of a true it wasn’t all easy. Nobody even said it will be easy. I have had to come face to face with difficulties and challenges (plenty of scars) these four years and I even failed at a point but at the end, all these things are what makes us. It takes such a huge effort to make it this far, especially through thick and thin but most importantly; I believe it takes grace, direction, courage, perseverance, consistency, hard work, diligence, and the never giving up attitude to survive if you really want to make it in college.

On some days, I wished I could fit a memory card into my brain for exams but I had to stop wishing and start doing. You will be stressed and tired, you will be frustrated, you will sacrifice sleeps and you may even want to give up, but in as much as you want to, sometimes you just gotta wing it. I told God this is just a big deal for me, will I ever make it to the end? And He said to me; “Naomi, no matter how long you think your journey is, one day you’ll get to the finish line” and I finally did get there. 

Some encouraged me, while some laughed at me when they saw me struggling but guess what? It was the stones that bruised my feet that made me strong. It was the Gethsemane’s in my life, those hard battles and testing times when I felt I was almost crushed and the waters almost overflowed that fashioned the qualities of courage and trust deep inside me. I found grace in my darkest hour and I just want you to encourage everyone still in college not to give up. No matter what you are pursuing in life, work hard at it and you will be rewarded.

Thanks to everyone who made this journey worth it for me; my parents, my family, my friends (Debby, Beebee, Grace, Eniola, Maimuna, Benita, J.P, e.t.c) and all my loved ones. Thank you all so much! It’s been four wonderful years and I’m exceedingly grateful for everything!
Whoop whoop whoop….My joy knows no bound and I am really proud to say I finished strong. There is so much that awaits me out there and even though it seems a little bit scary, I’m ready to go and conquer. 
So, to the #classof2015 #ABUZaria #finalists, I must say a very big congratulations to you all. Oh yeah…we made it!! Graduated to the glory of God???

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