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Welcome to another great episode of NDB word for the day. Today's word for the day is 'social vampire'. I heard it first at work yesterday, found it interesting....and that's how i decided to search up the word.

Top definitions:

  • A person that goes around and 'attaches' themselves to a person and piles on the affection and attention until they feel satisfied that the person really likes them in return. Once that happens, the person inexplicably moves on to the next 'target' nearly instantly and begins the cycle all over, leaving the last 'victim' confused and maybe a little hurt. These people feel like they're not popular enough and/or need more attention and this social vampire is their defensive mechanism.
  • A person who sucks the social life out of the people they are around. Generally a needy, clingy person. This person may also assimilate parts of the group, after only one or two encounters.

NDB review of the word:

  • A social vampire is an attention seeking mechanism person. Anyone who wants to be seen, noticed, or cling so long to a person until he or she gets what they want. They can also be tagged as social parasites.
  • I am not hanging out with you if we have to go with that social vampire.
  • Oh...come off it you are just a social vampire. Admit it!
  • Are you a social vampire, parasite, or an attention whore? cos I seriously don't need one in my life.
Social vampires are everywhere and they can be so life draining. Some said there are good and there are bad social vampires. I don't know...but you have to be careful who you allow into your space.

Thanks for reading!

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