How To Stay Motivated When You Don't Feel Like Acheiving Your Goals

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don't know how to proceed? or you just feel like not going on anymore? Yes I have been there. In fact, I loose zeal, determination, and inspiration almost all of the time especially when fear or feelings of doubt creeps in. Probably you got rejected from something or you received a bad news from home. May be you can't find enough time to work on your own projects because of how hectic your job is. Perhaps, things didn't work out the way you expected them to be.

Life happens and sometimes we loose sight of what is yet to happen for us. We sometimes loose motivation to forge ahead with our goals because, sometimes we feel we don't have what it takes to pursue what we are supposed to achieve. Yes, sustaining motivation can be tough and there are no pills anywhere for it. Here on the blog, I shared five things that can help you stay really motivated.

1. Write it down: Studies show that when we write by hand, we engage our brains more actively in the process. It's very easy and simple, I just write everything I need to achieve that day and at the end of the day, I get to tick what was done.

2. Visualize your successful outcome:  Close your eyes and think about how your successful outcome will look or feel like. Think about the benefits or the end result of achieving those goals. There is just this feeling of joy and contentment one gets after achieving something worthwhile. I like to think about that before doing what I do and that really helps me get on track.

3. Share it with someone: Recently, I discovered that when I share the thoughts of achieving a particular thing with my best friend, it motivates me to get it done because she believes in me and holds me accountable to come through with it. You can tell a trusted friend about what you hope to achieve and they could inspire to do it even better.

4. Change your environment: I believe your environment contributes a lot to how you behave, act or do things. So, sometimes when I loose the inspiration to do something, I get to leave where I am to somewhere else for a particular period of time. Sometimes, instead of leaving my environment, I change how the place feels to suit my purpose.

For example, I charge the atmosphere by playing instrumentals songs, worship and uplifting songs. I even seek inspiration by just sitting outside my house watching the beautiful trees and the lovely birds quirking. Find out what works for you!

5. Watch, Listen, and Read inspiring stories, speeches, podcasts and messages. I love to read and listen to stories that are touching and inspiring. It gives me a lot of positive vibes and stirs me up to do greater thing things. 

What keeps you motivated? How do you stay motivated when you have laid down goals to achieve? What gives you the reason to do what you do? Kindly share with us below! Thanks for stopping by ☺


  1. Great post as usual, Naomi. Recently, I have been feeling so depressed and unmotivated to work towards achieving my goals. I hate being stagnant but fear can really hold a person back. I have also been watching a looot of motivational YouTube videos and podcasts. Currently reading a book on prayer (reading is my way of unwinding). I agree that we writing keeps us focused, I have always kept a journal and I am a music lover also☺️. So everything is right on point. Great post once again. We could use a pick me up every once in a while. Blessed be.

    1. Thank you Damilola. Keeping a journal really helps too but music is sure a faster way to unwind. We all feel afraid most times but dear it's okay to feel the fear and still do it afraid👌. This FEAR thing ain't real! God help us...


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