Today is Funto Ibuoye’s birthday, and I thought I should share with you all five amazing things I really love about her. You don’t know Funto? Then you are on a long thing! Okay…Let me just introduce her. Funto is an inspiring young woman, a passionate follower of Christ and a very purposeful woman of God. She is a Chattered Accountant, the Creative Director at Five28 Interiors Limited, and the Founder of The Beautified Network. She authored her first book ‘Beautified’ in August 2013 and her second book ‘The 31 Woman’ in July 2015.

I discovered Funto Ibuoye on IG shortly after a friend of mine @bleh_sing showed me a clip of her wedding pictures on Bellanaija Gaisebaba shares Love Story & Wedding Photos exclusively with BN and I was wowed. The Beautified Network which yearly hosts the Becoming Conference for young women is a faith-based and for-purpose initiative founded to inspire and enable young women discover and fulfill their God-given purposes as well as empowering them to live their best lives. The major inspiration behind the conference is the burning desire to see young women rise and live up to their full potential as they contribute their quota to transforming their society and the world at large.

I remember how I really stalked her page then on IG @funtoibuoye Chaiii…I was like who is this fine and purposeful woman of God. Then I later got to attend The Beautified Diva Series in Abuja where I fell more in love with her. I really do love her and hey it’s not just because she is great (before you say I am famzing) but because she has really blessed and impacted my life. So here are five things I love about her:

1. I love how she is completely sold out to God. You know a lot of people claim they love God these days but their actions speak otherwise. But you see Funto is a woman after God’s heart, she would go completely out of her own way to do what He laid in her heart to do. Talk about being fearless and chasing after God, then Talk Funto. When someone can quit her well paid job to fulfill a purpose greater than herself and greater than her imagination could hold, then you should probably understand why I had to bring out this point.

2. I love how real she is. Gosh…Funto is always herself and always so real!!! I remember one of her post on IG and many others where she reminds us of her imperfections and like she would often say “I’m just a small girl helped by a big God.” How can I also forget one of the points she listed out on the 25 things she learnt turning 26 year old last year; “On the contrary life is a bed of roses, people don’t see the thorns beneath the roses. In other words, you may see how beautiful my life is but you don’t see the sleepless nights, the praying, fasting, growing and sacrifice.” My God…she just inspires me by how she deals with all of her imperfections.

3. She is so young, already an author of 2 books, founder of The Beautified Network, married to an handsome Godly man ‘Akinade Gaise Ibuoye’, already a mother of one charming boy, yet she is fulfilling purpose and touching so many lives. This is a perfect definition of womanhood for me. How else do you wish you to be very successful and graceful in life if you are not wishing for all of that? Tell me hun? Her life really proves that you are not too young to fulfill purpose and walk in greatness.

4. She and her husband were both virgins till they got married. In a world where immorality is now the order of the day and sexual purity seems to be old fashioned, an intelligent, fine and hot woman as Funto remained a virgin, i.e. waited till her wedding before having sex. Really amazing isn’t it? Dear readers, you can be fine, pretty, gorgeous, hot and still stay sexually pure and undefiled.

5. I love how inspiring and purposeful she is. One of Funto’s life’s goal is to inspire women, young and old, to fulfill their greatness and live their best lives. And that I can say she is already doing, she was even recently listed on YNAIJA and LEADING LADIES AFRICA among 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria. Do you know what that means? That feat ain’t easy at all. What else does she do that doesn’t inspire me? Her posts and timeline alone can get you all fired up.

One of my mentor Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak once said “The ultimate purpose of life is to serve God and be a blessing to humanity.” which is so true because every other thing in life revolves around that. Funto Ibuoye is serving God and blessing humanity as well. She is one woman that has inspired so much in me on my journey to becoming. Now you see why I really love her?

We love you so much ma’am! Keep living the life God has called you to live, stay beautified and keep shinning the light:)

Happy Birthday Mrs. Funto Ibuoye!!! We celebrate you!