Every new day is an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to create the kind of future you want to see. Here are a couple of healthy lifestyle habits you should start embracing now, especially as you journey towards a happy life.

Excellence can be a lifestyle! – Naomi Destiny

1. Drink water more often (at least 8 glasses per day)
2. Put down your phone when you are with people (watch less TV & take time out of social media)
3. Wash your hands often
4. Cut down your sugar intake or simply cut it out!
5. Don’t skip breakfast
6. Count to 10 when you are angry
7. Meditate and have some quiet time
8. Start exercising – even if it’s just walking
9. Snack less ! Eat healthy!
10. Use SPF to protect yourself from the sun
11. Learn personal finance (save up, always check your credit card statements)
12. Exfoliate twice a week
13. Make good use of YouTube
14. Google things out – Just Google it!
15. Journal (affirm yourself daily, declare your dreams in written words)
16. Read labels on everything from food to makeup
17. Stop beating yourself up for your mistakes and failures
18. Brush morning and night – visit the dentist 2-3 times a year
19. Sneeze into your arm not your palm
20. Get adequate sleep
21. Be unique
22. Be clean in everything
23. Compliment people (make a difference in someone’s life)
24. Make your home heaven on earth
25. Trust God always!
26. Perform health checks quarterly!
27. Stay positive – Avoid drama!
28. Laugh more often!
29. Live within your means!
30. Abstain from sex until you are married

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