We are getting so inspired by this amazing five (5) year old baker and kid entrepreneur who recently turned six (6). Oluwasimisola Gbadamosi owns a cookie business in Nigeria called Simi’s Bakehouse which offers a wide range of homemade Cupcakes and cookies including Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Raisin, Sprinkle, Chewy Cornflake, and much more. She also recently won her first award in the BellaAfricana Ace Awards 2017 for the Best Creative Kid Entrepreneur.

According to her, she really enjoys baking and she does it for fun. She started when she was three (3) years old when one of her aunt (Aunty Bukky) taught her. So, one night her mum asked her if she wanted a baking business and she said yes.

Simi and Mum

That one idea and decision led to a great business venture that took a whole new turn in her life. Simi now employs staff who helps and works for her when she is at school. A portion of the profits made from the business goes to charities for children as her major goal is to help people and poor kids. Simi also encourages and advises other kids to be hardworking, to learn, and to get trained.

Simi at the Kid Entrepreneurs Fair, 2016

Simi at the Kid Entrepreneurs Fair, 2016

We believe these kids are tomorrow’s future leaders which is why catching them young, training, and building them up from that early stage to develop an entrepreneurial mindset is very important. It pushes them to their full potential and helps them see that nothing is impossible to achieve.

Simisola is on Instagram as @simisbakehouse where you can find your delicious baked goods and place an order by sending an email. You can also read more about her chat interview with LifeStyle Hues here my fun chat with simi 5 year old head baker simisbakehouse.


Simi, CEO of Simi’sbakehouse

Do you know anything unique about your kids? Do you know what your kids enjoy doing that probably could be turned into a business? Are you taking out time to train and develop that special gift inside of them? Share your thoughts with us below!