When times get really tough and things don’t go as we expect them to, we tend to have this natural anxiety as humans which is completely normal. In fact, our staying positive can be quite challenging during that particular time but negativity is really a bad thing and if not properly handled, it can hijack everything you’ve ever worked for. It can kill your self-esteem, push people away from you, destroy your confidence, and social outlook on life.

But sometimes, life hits you hard and you may even want to say ‘how the hell am I suppose to keep positive energy through all of these happenings around me?’ but let me tell you this, we are all gradually progressing and no one’s life is perfect, at least not as perfect as they really want it to be.

We are all pushing through life, well except for some of us that have decided to take it by God’s grace which is actually available for you too. It’s not like I have my whole life figured out or like I have the best of everything but you know what? I have decided to take on life by grace and I have chosen to not just survive but thrive through my challenges.

So, throughout the many processes that I may be subjected to, through the pain, the good, and the bad, I know that I’m not alone, I know that I am strong, courageous, beautiful, confident, and triumphant.

There is a life that I have chosen to live and that’s a powerful and inspiring life, a life filled with purpose and passion for what I engage myself with, a life constantly productive and progressing, a life full of taking my guide along with me in every step of the journey, a life of thanksgiving and gratitude, appreciating the good and the bad, because I know it’s all working together for my good.

Should I pause or continue? Well, I better not bore you. I know you are here for the do’s and dont’s, so below are key things that have helped me stayed positive so far and I highly recommend you keeping to these things.


Do smile more

When you smile your brain activates neural messages that can make you feel more positive. Practice being cheerful and forcing yourself to smile even if you don’t feel like it.

Do make use of positive words

Don’t say ‘I am frustrated’ instead, say ‘This is frustrating’ or ‘I won’t be frustrated about this’. Avoid attaching negativity to yourself and stop using negative languages that won’t help you. This will usually have a negative impact on you unconsciously. Positive people speak positive things!

Do nice things for others

It’s difficult to feel down about your life when you are helping someone else’s life. Compliment them or simply send them kind greetings, always leave them feeling better than you found them, and don’t expect anything in return. If you are expecting something in return, you are doing business and not kindness.

Do surround yourself with other positive thinkers and people who bring out the best in you

The importance of association and not just association in the name of association but an association of greatness is often emphasized because isolation is a dangerous place to be. Do check in with good friends, family and loved ones, text them and let them know you are thinking of them.

Do keep an active journal especially a gratitude one

Write down how your day went, what you learned, what you accomplished, what went wrong, and why. This has really helped me because when I go over them weeks passed, it makes me smile and gives me the right perspective towards what I’m doing or how far I’ve come. With advancement to technology, it’s so easy now to keep a record of things on your phone or online diary especially if you are the lazy writer.

Although I still write in my book journal, I also have a journal app on my phone. I make use of  Journey, Bliss or Evernote depending on my needs and it’s been so effective. Do you make use of an online journal too? let me know what type you use in the comment section below.

Do get active

I know a lot of us will overlook this and say it doesn’t matter but it really does. One excellent way of improving your outlook is to find some method of exercising that you enjoy and make it a part of your life. Hiking, biking, basketball, walking, swimming, volleyball, aerobics, etc. Even 20 minutes per day is beneficial. I recently started skipping for 30 minutes per day and it does feel good. Regular exercise increases your energy, improves your mood, and reduces stress levels.

Do find positive quotes or things and hang around or keep with you

My phone has this beautiful wallpaper quote designed by me reading ‘God Is Amazing’ and a screen saver that reads ‘Never Give Up’ with my picture on it.

So, I open my phone anytime and what I see first is a design reminding me of how amazing and faithful God is so I never have to doubt what He says He will make happen for me while on the other hand, I’m being reminded not to give up on what I do or on life generally. And the same goes for my room, things, bed and space, there is always something to keep me inspired. Create yours!

Do eat well

Don’t say I’ve come again with this my eating well thing because I will come again and again with it. Well, it may not matter to you but I had food poison earlier this year which almost took my life and after a conversation with God, I got inspired to turn into a vegetarian. What you put into your body can have a big impact on how you feel, both physically, spiritually, and mentally. Get more leafy greens, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate in your diet.

Do relax and take out time to celebrate accomplishments, big and small

Set time aside to let yourself feel good even if you are the busy type. Go outdoors, go on a retreat, take short breaks, take some days off and relax, use it to restore, strategize, plan, get rid of baggage, and declutter.

Don’t live your life trying to please others

Caring and worrying too much about what others think can lead you to over-analyze and second guess life which often leaves you with a paralytic feeling. Focus on what makes you happy. Don’t live in the prison of what others think or feel about you! Don’t be afraid to say no to people when needed. Don’t be a people pleaser all in the name of being kind. Be wise and smart.

Don’t resent successful people

Envy is irritating and a sign of insecurity. Don’t resent the success of others, stop the jealousy. Instead celebrate and be inspired by them, examine their path to success, and see if there are steps to emulate from them. It’s one of my biggest secrets, I love seeing people happy, successful, and doing great things, I even enjoy learning from them and celebrating their success.

I can sit at their feet to learn if I have the means and like I would always say “I don’t know so much about this life, If I have seen any further it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants who are teaching and inspiring me to do great things.”

Don’t compare yourself with others

You are simply you, learn to embrace that. If you don’t like who you are, re-invent and re-brand yourself but never wish you were someone else. It’s okay to look up to people and admire them but don’t use that as a yardstick to measure your life. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Don’t worry

I was the worrying type of person and could easily freak out or get discouraged when things don’t go as planned or as I want but I soon learned that worry doesn’t take away the troubles instead, it robs you of your peace. Don’t be that kind of person, it’s so pointless. Don’t do it!

Don’t be found in a negative environment

If you want a positive attitude then you need an environment with a positive feeling. If it’s not, get yourself out! The earlier the better for you or else you will suffer the consequences afterward.

So there you have them. Did you find any of the do’s and don’t mentioned above helpful? If so, please let me know in the comment box below.

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