One of the best and most effective ways for start-ups to grow and establish their audience is the ability to attract clients through their art work and designs. People who understand how powerful designs are for business will always hire a designer who understands what needs to be done perfectly. So, who are the designers? A designer is typically a person who designs.

Anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects, products, processes, laws, games, graphics, services and experiences is referred to as a designer. – Wikipedia

Ways designs influences social media users?

  • It creates a first impression
  • It conveys messages faster
  • It emphasis on your content
  • It allows you brand yourself in a way that will have a lasting impact on users and your audience
  • It adds value to your brand and helps you gain more followers or subscribers

My blog is a growing brand and we have been able to create designs and capture beautiful images that is visually appealing for the blog.

The future of design?

Designing for the future has never been made easier than now in the 21st Century. Technology is changing at it’s rapid pace with quick evolving tools and techniques that will make designs look more appealing and be at our finger tips. Everyone now knows how important designs are for start-ups and brands, so everyone is striving to create engaging images that can easily grab attention and one of which the people will love. Through this, I believe more people will become actively involved, messages will depict itself clearly and traffic will be generated.

Designing for the future should entail seeking for constant improvement and better ways of connecting and communicating more with the audience. Creativity is also crucial!
  • Design leads to higher customer engagement
  • Design leads to higher sales
  • Design makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Design leads to higher retention of audience

Trends we need to consider now are:

1. Digital Storytelling – You can have a great design but if you can’t communicate the story behind it, then it’s of no use because you won’t be able to interact well with your audience. We need to create more informed and appealing stories through the act of digital story telling.

2. Digital Art and Printing – The demands for a digital world has greatly increased and I believe this should be one trend to be considered because 3D printed arts now tends to have much more value than hand made ones and it will continue to grow in importance. I feel, it’s much easier to customize and it brings the user closer.

3. Virtual Reality – Visual VR is fast developing and there are lot of opportunities and means for expression inside. The sound, the visual experience and sense of touch or reality makes it all worth it.


4. Animations and info-graphics – The future of design will not be complete without animations and info-graphics because it’s what most bloggers, writers, businesses and start-ups use to share contents and engage with one another round the world. This has proven to be one of the easiest and effective methods of communication and content marketing strategy used to attract people.

Design is an important aspect of content marketing strategy.

Therefore, I see a future in designs where everyone can be a designer. You wouldn’t need to hire a designer to handle simple things because technology would have been more advanced and made simpler or less complex for everyone to use. It will no longer hold a monopoly and it may even be the fall of some of the greatest designers out there because we are going to have more creatives in the world, one that will only take additional knowledge and broadening of skills to stay on top.

* This post is inspired and a part of a Designer Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader. I was invited to join the discussion and air my views on what the future of design will look like.