It’s always fun for me traveling! And I love that I’m able to pack my bags, go on a new adventure, travel to a far distance, meet new people and visit beautiful places like I did this weekend. It’s one of my favorite things to do at a convenient time and I’m looking forward to doing more of it, may be when I finally get to settle down in life. What do you think?

Road trips could be devastating for some and intrinsically exciting for others, especially if you will be traveling with other fun and amazing people. Which ever is your case this holiday season, don’t let it get on your nerves. We have put together a few necessities you need to take along with you while traveling by road. We hope it helps you enjoy the ride.

1. Scarf, Hair Tie or Sweater 

Scarfs are one of my favorite fashion items, I have tons of them and I love how glam it makes me look whenever I throw it on a suitable outfit. But if you are on a road trip, I advise you carry along a big scarf or sweater because of the wind. It helps much!

2. A Mini Toiletry Bag

My mini toiletry bag contains wipes, tissues, lip gloss, powder, hand lotion, powder, perfume, hair brush, dental floss, etc. It’s a must for me on any journey!

3. A Book, Podcast or Some Source of Entertainment

This is the best part of my journey. I get to read, pin down and listen to my favorite playlist including some of the best podcasts and teachings on my phone (would do a post on that soon). It’s always very helpful as I get inspired through them.

4. Small Chops and Water Bottle

Water is life! Water is everything! The last thing you would want to do is to start looking around for water in a strange land, sometimes it can’t be trusted. But carrying your own water with you, saves you so much trouble. I don’t like eating on the road but if you are the type, why not? Do carry something to chew or eat along.

5. Cash/Debit Cards

I wouldn’t advise you carry a huge sum of money on a road trip for security reasons but in order to avoid being stranded, make sure you plan ahead, know your budget and carry the needed amount of cash. Don’t forget your debit cards too, just in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

6. Sunglasses, Headphones and Chargers

I love traveling with my shades on! It protects me from the sun and it keeps my eyes from wandering all around. You will need headphones too, and your chargers including a power bank or power source. You wouldn’t want your battery to go down while on a road trip except you love boredom. Lol!

7. First Aid Kit

It’s important to have a first aid box or kit while traveling. A basic one should contain: iodine, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, plasters, bandages, gauze dressings, saline, safety pins, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, distilled water for cleaning wounds, anti-diarrhea tablets, antiseptic cream or wipes, pain killers, aspirin, antihistamine tablets to reduce allergies, disposable sterile gloves, soap, tweezers, scissors, digital thermometer, etc.

And please stay safe, drive carefully, and avoid trouble. Your life is very important!

P.S – I think you should also come along with a Global Positioning System Unit (GPS) or Navigation system. Google map helps a lot!

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