Believe it or not, women are already taking over the entrepreneurship space, shattering glass ceilings one after the other and doing it big in the 21st Century. From the first time I came across LaraTESHOLA and got to know all that her brand represents, I knew I should feature her but I was going to try and figure a way around it.

Luckily for me, she was doing a beautiful give away to her followers and blog audience early this year to mark and celebrate her 6 months blog anniversary LaraTESHOLA which had gained the attention of over 55 nations in such a short period of time. I was wowed and inspired not just by the whole thing but because I knew how not so easy this blogging process thing can be!

So, I decided to participate in the give away and even though I didn’t win? it kinda formed a cordial relationship between us. And then I thought that was all about her, not until I discovered she was the Creative Head @Shapesandcolorsng@DubaiBespokeShopper, and of recently @thefabricmerchant.

Lara is a fashion and beauty entrepreneur currently living in Dubai, she sews and recently started offering free sewing training services as a way of giving back, you can get all the details in Here. She also offers make up and consultancy services. It will interest you to know that she was part of the Makeup team on a film project of the popular movie The Wedding Party (2) and also a part of the Beauty World Middle East Makeup artist working with NYX Arabia in United Arab Emirates.

Lara is a fun loving and energetic person, she has this silent glow deep within her that naturally flows towards those in and around her. I really admire her strength, creativity, excellence, and positive outlook towards life. And despite how crazy her schedules were, she was so kind-hearted to this interview.

Heyyy! I know we haven’t put up an interview for a while now and that’s because so much has been going on with me but I am quite elated to have Mrs. Omolara Teshola share her journey with us especially to round up the 21st Century Woman monthly series for the year. I hope you have an amazing read!

As a Fashion Designer, International Makeup Artist, Blogger, YouTuber, and the Creative Head at Shapes & Colors, what has been your major driving force? Have you always envisioned yourself doing these things? What inspired you to start?


  • Growing up, I never envisioned I will be doing all that I am doing today, until God started talking to me about His plans and purpose for my life whilst in the University, and since then I have been running with the vision. One of my Major Driving force is the people I have been called to serve through my business.

What were the challenges and setbacks you faced while starting out in a competitive market as a young business woman? Were there difficult moments? How did you overcome?

  • In all honesty, I think for me, one of the biggest challenges I have faced is Stability (though I still consider it a good challenge) Since the inception of my business, we have been and operated in 3 different countries, and for every country we’ve moved to as a business, it feels like we are starting all over again, because we have to act to meet the needs of the current country whilst still staying true to our business values. However, we are breaking that very soon, because we are launching our online store. Yipppeeeeeee!

What do you enjoy most about what you do? What strategies have helped you achieved so far?

  • I enjoy everything I do, I think on top of the list though would be the creation process, bringing to life what you have imagined. I would say Obedience going with the leading of the Holy Spirit, I do what he tells me to do per time that’s basically my all day every day strategy.

What’s your idea of a Proverbs 31 woman living in the 21st Century? Is it attainable?

  • Personally, I think a proverbs 31 woman, is that woman who is at the center of God’s will for her life and Yes! It is attainable, because where God guides he Provides; so, he provides the strength, the help, the finances, everything you need to fulfil his plan for your life.

Omolara and her lovely husband Mr. Tesh Idowu

What has it been like becoming all that God has called you to do? What major impact has it made on others?

  • It’s been a roller coaster really, there are the highs, lows, and in-betweens. But the good thing however, is the fact that with him you are assured of a victorious life. I think one of the major impact would be seeing others believing and doing things they never thought they could because I am doing the same thing.

I admire how you make all you do seem quite easy which I believe is not. How do you do it? How do you cope having to run your home and your businesses effectively well alongside being a woman.


  • Like you said, it’s not easy, however I have learnt to always ask for help (even though sometimes I still get to do the things myself cos I am a perfectionist *coversface*) focus on the thing that is the most important per time. For example, I haven’t been able to blog consistently like I should because I have had so much going on since October.

What major projects are you currently working on?


  • We are currently expanding our scope of business and adding fabric sales to it. Also in a few days, we would be launching the official website and online store.

How would you encourage young females who want to build an online brand using social media? Are there productive ways to do it?


  • Don’t Quit! Keep at It! Even when it feels like all your effort is not commensurate with the results you are getting, one day the glass ceiling will be shattered. I have a YouTube video on how to grow your business visibility online.

Need to find out about her Makeup services or how she achieved this look, please visit Here to find out more.

We just want to say a big thank you to the beautiful and hard working Mrs. Lara for taking out time to share her journey with us on the blog, I am certainly inspired to do more and live more intentionally. I can’t wait to see how God continues to use her in all she does. Kindly follow our IG page: @the21stcenturywoman_

She blogs at Instagram: @larateshola and @shapesandcolorsng

You can also find her on YouTube: Lara Teshola

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