Thank you for being part of our journey on the blog last year. We are thankful that we get to inspire, and motivate you to be the best you can ever be. We have so much to share on the blog this year and we can’t wait for y’all to have an amazing new year.

I recently shared some productivity tips for the new year with Temitoria via her new eBook titled With Love – A Mindset Kit. You can download it here for free.

Personal productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not. – Brian Tracy

So, here are top effective ways to stay productive in the coming year.

Be led by the Holy Spirit 

Seasons come and they go, even time changes but only what’s founded and built upon a solid rock lasts. The world is ever evolving and what mattered last year may not matter next year but, if you’re taught and led by the Holy Spirit, you can never be outdated. Strive to be led always.


Clearly plan and set realistic goals for specific areas of your life! What do you want to achieve before the next six months, what do you want to happen before the end of the year? How do you plan on achieving them? What’s your strategy? What’s your bail out system? If plan A did not work, do you have a plan B? How much effort are you willing to put in to make things happen? Are you committed to making your dreams and goals come true? Plan! Plan! Plan! If you don’t plan, then you’re planning to fail.

Find purpose and pursue it with passion

Purpose is fulfilling your assignment on earth and playing your part in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. You weren’t made to let life happen to you, you were made for so much more. It’s okay to learn and be inspired by what others are doing but do you and be you! Don’t try and be someone else or follow the crowd, do what God has called you to do and pursue it with the whole of your heart. That’s when you can feel fulfilled in life!

Study/Develop Yourself

Be committed to becoming better in the new year. Don’t let laziness and procrastination get the hold of you. Study to show yourself approved. Stay updated and on top in your field, learn something new everyday and develop yourself. Get knowledge and understanding. Go for the training, attend the conference, pay for the mentorship class if you can afford it, apply for the Master’s, register for the online course, volunteer for a cause, travel, go see how things are done in the other side, take calculated risks. Don’t stay redundant.

Spend time with like minded people 

Surround yourselves with people who have succeeded in areas you want or are headed towards same direction with you. Detach yourself from negativity and have a positive outlook always. Don’t get distracted by all that’s happening around or the drama on social media, instead use it to your advantage.

Ruthlessly block distractions

Distraction is a productivity killer. Avoid constant disruptions from technology and social media, be focus. Disconnect from toxic relationships, pay close attention to the necessary things. Learn to shut down your phone to reflect, rest, and meditate. Learn to say no to some things, ruthlessly block out people and things that drains your mental health.

Start something meaningful  

What do you want to be remembered for? How do you want others to see you? What will be your legacy? How do you intend to affect your generation positively or be a blessing to the world? Remember you are here on a purpose for a purpose. Do something meaningful and worthwhile. Help others, make impact, give back to your community, inspire a generation.

Take care of YOU

When you don’t take care of yourself, your body suffers for it. Don’t take your general well being and health for granted, nurture it, feed it, grow it, and pamper it with the right things. Stay healthy!

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