You got up after barely a few hours of sleep, tired, hair greasy, eyes puffy, and with a giant pimple that seems to have decided the middle of your forehead is the equivalent of a luxurious Fifth Avenue condo. It moved in, put its socks in the underwear drawer, and it looks like it’s here to stay for at least a few days until you kick it out with spot treatment. And on top of everything? It’s Monday. Whoopty-freakin’-do.

Well, you’ve got two choices: call in sick and stay at home, or get up, slap a smile on your face, and face the day. Does the first option sound more tempting? Sure it does. And sometimes it’s the best option, sometimes taking a day off really is beneficial. But for the most part, soldering on, while more difficult, is much more rewarding. Here’s one thing you need to know: we are here for you. We all have terrible days, but we’ve piled some great tips that helped us get through them, and we are here to share.

I look awful today

Sometimes we are just too tired to really put effort into getting ready, and that’s fine. We all have those days, and there’s actually a pretty great solution for them: have a backup outfit ready. When you’re in a good mood, put together an outfit that’s comfortable and that you know looks really cute on you. Turn to it whenever you’re too lazy to bother with anything.

A pair of slacks, a blazer, and a simple blouse can be a very effective office look, or even better: a little black dress. Pretty much the most versatile thing in the universe. Wear it with a cute pink cardigan for a date, with a button-down shirt underneath for work, or with high heels and a colorful belt for a night out.

My hair looks like a failed science experiment

Ah, bad hair days. The bane of women all across the globe. Here’s the thing: leaving your natural hair loose and wild is totally a gorgeous, laidback kind of a look. Rock a sexy mess on your head, it feels liberating, it feels incredible. But hey, if you’re intent on keeping it all neat, here are a few cool hairstyles that take very little time, yet make you look cute as hell. For straight-haired ladies, dry shampoo is a great option if you didn’t get the chance to wash your hair and want some boost at the roots.

Working out always feels like a chore

Girl, even Beyonce has lazy days when she doesn’t feel like working out! Do you know what she does? She remembers that she’s fierce, fabulous, and flawless, and then she puts on a sexy little outfit and goes to work on her glutes. If Queen Bey can do it, we can do it too. Look, we know it’s tough, but just think about how shapely your flat abs, tight booty, and strong legs are gonna look if you do your workout. Come on, put together a rocking playlist, wear some cute gym clothes, and enjoy some fun exercises.

Makeup is such a bother

Remember, you don’t have to wear it at all. If it doesn’t make you happy, just don’t use it. However, if you do like it but just don’t know how to use it, rest assured that you can easily learn. Makeup is all about creativity, so instead of slapping it on when you’re half-asleep and in a rush, play around with it when you’ve got some free time. Watch tutorials, practice, have fun. You can stick to simple things while you’re still a beginner: a lightweight Pola Silfique cream foundation, a volumizing mascara, a simple brow gel, and maybe a dab of lip gloss. Those four steps take like two minutes, but they can get you through the tough days.

My confidence is always low

Well stop beating yourself up over everything, how about that for starters? You’re freaking amazing, so enough with the whole “I’m so terrible” attitude. You’re great, and if you feel sad and tired all the time, then it’s totally okay to ask for help. Your mental health is so important, and you deserve to feel good, you deserve to love yourself. Just be kind to yourself, and at the end of the day, congratulate yourself for making through it.

There we go, in case of a bad day (or the apocalypse), you know what to do. Now go try these out and banish the bad mood.

Written By:
Amy Mia Goldsmith
lifestyle blogger