Prayer is a means of communicating with God, it’s not a monologue but a dialogue which opens up doors for us to be aligned with his purposes and plans for our lives. Being a Christian means you are in a relationship with God and having a place set aside for prayers will help you strengthen your relationship with him and determine his perfect will for your life

The greatest tragedy in life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer. – F.B Meyer

In Matthew 21:13, we see Jesus boldly making a statement after driving the merchants out. He said; “…my house shall be called a house of prayer…” At that period, the Holy Spirit couldn’t tabernacle in a man because Jesus had not yet died and ascended. That statement was a prophetic one because we (men) were going to be the house in which God (the Holy Spirit) lives in.

Also, in Luke 18:1, Jesus spoke a parable meaning “…Men ought to always pray and not faint”. This was a very vital lesson to be learnt. Jude 20 says: “But ye beloved, building up yourselves in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost”. The key words here are BUILDING and PRAYING, meaning when we pray, we build ourselves up because we are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19) and every temple needs to be built.

To be effective in your growth with Christ, you have to be a person who prays and prays regularly.

No one would like to live in an uncompleted building and whenever we faint in the place/house of prayer, the building is incomplete. This was why 1 Thessalonians 5:17 admonishes us to “Pray without ceasing”. Jesus was a man of prayer, he prayed all the time, he had a place set aside to pray always (Luke 11:1).

Being faithful in prayer is the essential mechanism for reaching others with faith. Nothing of value can accrue in you or through you without prayer.

So, as we surrender our bodies to God daily and let the Holy Spirit live and tabernacle in us, we shall be called the place of prayer. Therefore, don’t let anything stop you from finding the place of prayer! Continue steadfastly in your communication with God, don’t ever cease. Stay prayed up.

Written by: Emmanuel (Epiphany) Olukotun

Epiphany is a rapper, writer, poet, entrepreneur and believer. He loves to express his thoughts in writing, teaching the word and rap music. You can find him on IG @epiphanyraps and Twitter @epiphanyraps. He shared some of his rap music here.