When I was doing a review on some of the things I needed to improve and work on this year, I came up with a list of 7 things I should be doing regularly and I felt I should share them on the blog with you guys.

And since I’m all about personal development, growing daily, and becoming better in specific areas of my life, I feel these habits shouldn’t be overlooked but rather embraced for the good and benefit of one’s general wellbeing.

There are people depending on your transformation.

Habits are like daily routines, something we do often or repeatedly for a long period of time to achieve a desired result and sometimes we do them subconsciously.

Forming new habits is fun and easy but stopping old ones are quite difficult which is why I believe with constant practice and much yielded effort, anything can be done.

You can achieve anything you put your heart and mind into.

I hope this post guides and reminds us to mind these little things that we think don’t matter but matters so much because they sometimes hold the key to our next level.

1. Practice Gratitude

I have a gratitude journal where I practice and exercise gratitude daily for all the happenings in and around my life. I would encourage you to do the same because on days when you feel like your life is a total mess and there is nothing so special about it or nothing notable to be grateful for, the journal gently reminds you of how fortunate and privileged you are.

2. Smile Often

Last year, I didn’t smile often and I feel this year I should learn to do that more. There is this special aura it gives especially when you are in the midst of hopeless or gloomy people, it kind of ignites a spark in others to want to associate with you. It also gives you a special glow with ease and leaves a good impression on others about you.

3. Be Nice

The world has enough of mean, judgmental, and critical people already. Be an encourager, not a destroyer. Do you know? It will cost you nothing to be nice. Pay people sincere and nice compliments, lend a helping hand to those in need, do something for someone daily, assist the elderly ones, do good and be good. Stop being a burden to people!

4. Socialize With Others

My bible tells me; “He who walks with the wise will be wise but a companion of fools will be destroyed”. Avoid being in the company of people who drain you emotionally, stop walking with foolish people. It’s not only cool to hang out with the bad gangs but also very cool to hang out with good and wonderful people. Socialize, mingle, associate with people other than your friends and be friendly!

5. Be Smart

Don’t be a dull somebody, be smart. Not everyone will like and appreciate your kind of person but not everyone will hate you either, be smart about it. Apply wisdom in all your dealings with men, have discernment.

6. Be Positive

Positivity is a must for me this year because I can’t afford to be negative about life, I hate the hopeless feeling it gives to people. Being positive will drive you towards achieving your goals and doing more with your life, it will boost your confidence on a high level and give you a brighter look towards life. It will also connect you to great and positive people because it’s like a magnet, you can attract it.

7. Avoid Procrastination

So this is a major thing for me this year and I’m embracing it fully. No more “amma do it later and then forget to do it”. I’m turning it into “amma do it right now”, lol! If you really want to get anything done in life, then you have to kill this procrastination thing. I know we are all guilty of it but I hope we some how find the courage to stop it and get things done when it ought to be done.

And there you have them all. I hope you were inspired? Kindly like, share, subscribe to the blog, and leave us a comment sharing your thoughts on the post or habits you are learning to embrace this year.