Statistics shows there are over 2.46 billion active users on social media and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. shows just how powerful social networks are.

Social media is a website or application that enables users create and share contents in order to participate in social networking. This in turn facilitates the sharing of ideas, information, and other interests via communities and networks.

Social media is great but do not spend so much time on it that you end up doing nothing. – CAFRICA INSPIRATIONS

And while there are many good and positive sides to the use of social media, the negative sides are also numerous, which is why I decided to share on the top do’s and don’ts of social media. I hope it inspires you to do better with your platform.

Do be nice – The social media space is filled with lots of critical, judgmental, rude, and hypocritical people. Please be good unto others and treat them the way you expect to be treated. It costs nothing to be nice!

Do be honest – Be sincere with your followers and audience. Once you’re fake and people get to know it, you give a badĀ  lasting impression about yourself or what you do.

Do build your personal brand – Social media is one of the largest place to buildĀ and manage your online brand. I’m often tempted to think of brands in terms of businesses and companies only but no, you are a brand and I am a brand. The way you present yourself to others is personal branding.

Do create valuable content – Content is key on social media and if you are not creating useful or valuable content, then you are not doing it right. Don’t just spread gossips and unnecessary information, inspire your audience. Share what you are currently doing or learning and make it so good.

Do be consistent – Find a schedule or strategy that works for you and stick to it. Whatever your goal is, make it realistic and attainable so you can be consistent.

Do be patient – It takes time to build a consistent following, don’t rush ahead of it. And if you feel, your content is super awesome and you need to get it to a much more wider audience, employ marketing strategies to help get noticed.

Do engage with readers – It’s vital to engage with your readers and respond to relevant comments and questions. Show your followers that you care about them and if possible host a give away.

Do be productive – If your timeline is a mess, then it shows you are not following the right set of people. You need to declutter your online space and unfollow people who don’t add value to you.

Don’t be fake – Nothing sucks like going through a page on social media and not finding a genuine and an authentic voice. People follow or send you requests based on the real you, be yourself!

Don’t be too desperate – I know you badly want to get your brand out there and show people all the good and amazing stuffs you do but please do it with caution. You don’t have to extort people, spill your whole life out, sound too desperate, or cause an argument for the public gain of it.

Don’t be unreachable – Your profile should include your contact details and information on how people can reach you or get to know more about you. An official email address should do!

Don’t be missing in action – You don’t have to post every time but be active. Don’t completely run away without properly informing your audience especially when you’re running a business profile/page.

Don’t forget to network – Study the network of those you admire and always work to make valuable connections wisely. Learn to also grow your brand by collaborating with those in your niche and building quality relationships. If your impression is good enough, it may lead to a lasting long relationship.