I came across Dainty Cakes last year, when a Facebook friend of mine shared an image of a beautiful cake on her timeline and I was like Wow…Who baked this? It was so cute and lovely.

Shortly after then, her page kept popping up on my Instagram page and I followed carefully. One thing was visible enough and that was PASSION. It fueled the whole process for Ojone Akubo, the founder and C.E.O of Dainty Cakes. You can really tell that baking is always fun to her because the excitement she exudes on any work done is quiet captivating.

Much more than anything else, I was captivated by her zeal, drive, enthusiasm, perseverance, and the fantastic desire to learn, grow, develop, and do more with her pastry business. I fell in love the most with what she said she is doing to contribute to those around her and the community at large.

In this interview, I learned the power of starting small but thinking big as Ojone shared major tips for those looking to start their own businesses. She also shared her plans for Dainty Cakes in the nearest future, how she finds and maintains balance, and her idea of the Proverbs 31 Woman living in the 21st Century.

Ojone at the Expert Baker Academy

I hope you have an amazing read and also learn one or two things just like I did. Enjoy!

Can you please tell us more about yourself and Dainty cakes?

  • I am Ojone Akubo, an ardent lover of God and his Kingdom. I am passionate about doing things that makes the Father smile. I love and enjoy developing my mind and adding value to others no matter how little. I love baking and particularly enjoy Icing.  Dainty cakes is an offspring of my passion. Started baking since JSS 2 (Grade 2) and it’s been fun though challenging sometimes. I love what I do!

What inspired you to start your own business?

  • Well, I personally don’t like the idea of being a burden to anyone especially loved ones. And being the first female child out of six (6), I didn’t want to be asking for this or that all the time. I really wanted to be able to take care of myself, get some personal ladies stuffs and probably help out sometimes. I was initially doing it all free for family and friends and many times I had really want to bake for people but kept running short of materials, so a friend advised I begin to charge no matter how little.

Very true! Profiting from one’s passion is one of the most sustainable means of earning a valuable income. So, how do you derive joy from baking? I mean, what are the challenges you face daily? How do you overcome them and still keep at what you do?

  • I derive so much joy, you can’t imagine (she smiles). I absolutely love it! And yes there have been lots of challenges; from erratic power supply sometimes to clients underpricing, and others placing late orders which sometimes demands that we work late into the nights.

How do you positively affect your community with your business?

  • I do so by running trainings, not free though but at a good price which can be afforded by those who really have the passion to learn.

What’s your idea of the Proverbs 31 woman living in the 21st Century? Is it really attainable?

  • Sure it is very attainable. I see her as one who isn’t idle at all, one who is committed to personal development, diligently pursuing her passion, and giving her best in all her hands finds to do, while still having a deep reverence for her husband and taking good care of her home (if she’s married). Its hard work, but its very possible.
  • And it can be a bit challenging sometimes but guess what? It’s all about planning. Knowing how much you have to accomplish, you can’t afford to waste your time at all.
  • Goal setting would help out a great deal, you need to allocate your time appropriately. Personally I set goals daily and weekly most of the times, the joy that fills my heart when I get to achieve all my goals is overwhelming.

A lot of young women out there struggle with being a student, handling a career, taking care of their family, owning a business and managing their home. Tell us how you find balance doing these things? How would you advice others faced with similar situations?

  • Consistent passion for what I do. It’s my duty to keep myself motivated and I go the extra mile to do so by watching inspiring videos, pictures, browsing, etc.
  • Good mentorship like I said earlier I have a great mentor who is excellent at it so I get to ask questions, watch her do it and learn too.
  • I read about other businesses ,and learn from them
  • Beyond what I learn through great mentorship, I get to allow my own uniqueness show too
  • I leverage on social media
  • I celebrate lavishly and truly those doing it better than I do while striving to get better

Can you please share with us key things  that have helped you thus far in your business and as a woman generally?

  • At Dainty cakes, we have experienced tremendous growth over the years. We are not self-taught, we have a good mentorship cover, all thanks to my great mentor Mrs. Anthony for nurturing this passion early enough and the expert baker, Hope Mari Ejimi of @sweetness_cakes for helping me become excellent at it. I am getting better by the day because they taught me well and I am deeply grateful to them. In summary the key things that have helped me thus far are;
  • Passion: I really love baking and I’m passionate about it. Baking is one thing I could do even if I’m not paid, yes I love it that much. This passion has kept me through tough times.
  • Mentorship: My access to good mentorship has shortened my route greatly and reduced the mistakes I should have made.

  • Teachability: I am not ashamed to learn at all, I am always willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn. This attribute has helped me a great deal.
  • Innovation and creativity: I have been blessed with the spirit of creativity and I work conscious of it many times. This has helped us in no small way.
  • Leveraging on social media: Social media has helped my business in no small way, in fact Over 70% of the clients I’ve had, I met them on social media. Amazing! I am learning and still learning how to use it to more to my advantage.

Women generally, go through so many things in life. What’s your message to today’s woman looking to become all that God has called her to be?

  • Just a word of encouragement; never trivialize what God has put in you, you might just be the next big thing. Honor God by developing what’s in you to the best, grow patiently and intentionally and finally honor those that are doing it better. Do your home work well (personal development), you had surely rise girl. It’s just a matter of time.

Never trivialize what God has put in you, you might just be the next big thing.

“We will all be great and the beautiful part is we will all know ourselves.” Cheers!!!

Thank you so much Ojone Akubo for your time and valuable lessons shared. It’s really great having you on the blog. We celebrate you!


  • Thanks a lot dear for having me, I feel honored.

You can find Dainty Cakes on Instagram: @ojone.akubo or contact her on +2348032799795

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