I have had series of questions from strangers, mentee’s, and friends on the journey to discovery and finding true self, especially about finding their place in this vast world.

Let’s be frank with ourselves, it’s a life search. It’s not something you just get at once in a full package. In short, it’s a zigzag road where you see the end of each turn but can’t see the end of the destination. You are only allowed to see a glimpse of where you are going.

Now, I want to make something clear, last week I got a message from one young person from Tanzania, I think she got my link from the YALI platform. She was confused on what she wants to do with her life after college. May be she read my story or something, but I deeply know it’s something that always disturbs anyone who wants to make a pretty change in their circle and in their world.

In 2007, after the third term in my Senior class 1, I was at war with myself. In fact, it was so strong that I lost interest in all activities that I loved doing. My family wanted me to study medicine and surgery, but after trying so many things, I noticed my strength lies more in finance and other financed related fields. I didn’t know how I would narrate this new development to my Dad. So in my Senior class 2, I changed instantly to commercials majoring in the field of Accounting without informing my Dad. But before then, I already knew my ‘WHY’ and my ‘WHAT’ and so, there was no form of advice or suggestions that could convince me to change.

In life, you’ve got to see yourself as a product that requires continuous improvement. You can’t understand yourself if you don’t make yourself available for use. Improvement can only be done on a product used and if you are not used, there won’t be any need or space for improvement.

For an instance, when I started manufacturing Oxen Tom brown, I knew there was a need for improvement, but I didn’t know what I needed to improve on. It was the feedback from my customers that gave me a clear direction and specific action plan. So feedbacks helped us to improve on fiber content, the smoothness, and right now we are working on the packaging. If we had not started we wouldn’t have understood the product.

CEO and Founder, Oxen Foods

If we had not started, we wouldn’t have understood the product.

It is wisdom for you to discern and begin an iteration to add value on yourself.

When you decide to see yourself as a product in life, you’re giving yourself out for more use and feedback (including the harsh ones) that will come in. It is wisdom for you to discern and begin an iteration to add value on yourself.

Today, see yourself as a product, be open to feedbacks, make iteration, and build a finer self.

When you build, your value will improve.

You need answers to those questions on your mind? Don’t fail to drop your questions, I will respond to them. Thank you for reading.

Written By:

Chukwuemeka Amadi

Founder, Oxen Foods