The number of unemployed youths in Nigeria keeps rising day after day. And while it calls for serious intervention by the Government, it’s also a wake-up call to everyone who haven’t gotten their hands on something.

Just yesterday, I was telling a recent graduate not to sit back, relax, and fold her hands waiting for a white-collar job. I told her to start something now no matter how small it feels because I believe we all have something deep inside of us that is capable of launching us to our destined place.

In this post, I have put together some of the best profitable business ideas to start with little money in Nigeria. Hopefully, it will inspire you to start something meaningful.

1. Laundry Services – I love that you can start small with this and grow into something bigger that will in turn make you an employer of labour. It doesn’t take much money to start but it will require a touch of excellence.

2. Tailoring/Fashion Designing – Are you a man or woman who loves fashion and loves to dress up people, then you may want to consider this as an option. The Fashion industry is constantly evolving and it will require creativity, tactfulness, and smartness.

3. Bottled Water Production – I know of a certain family who started with sachet water production back then but they have grown into bottled water production. The business is a very lucrative one.

4. Poultry Farming – Farming is now one of the biggest things in this country and as you already know, there will always be demand for livestock products. This business requires patience to reap immensely from it.

5. Printing Business – The printing business is here to stay. People will always want to print ID Cards, Complimentary Cards, T-Shirts, Materials, etc. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice.

6. Baking/Food Business – Food business is one of the best businesses in Nigeria right now. Restaurant, Catering, Baking, Pastries, Nutritionist, etc. are always on the demand. Passion is needed to be successful at this.

7. Skin Care Products/Cosmetics – Who doesn’t want a fresh, clean, and radiant-looking skin. I love it and I wouldn’t mind investing in a product that’s bound to produce effective results.

8. Ice block Production/Frozen Foods – We all know the power issue in this country, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to own an Ice block manufacturing company. Having a freezer that supplies cold items/foods to those in need sounds cool too.

9. Ready To Wear Dresses/Online Clothing Store – How about sewing dresses or getting someone who makes nice dresses and then having them displayed online for the world to see and order for what they like? You will need good marketing skills.

10. Cleaning Services – You can establish a cleaning agency for organizations who will be needing your services and then employ people who can deliver on the job. All you need is to assign tasks to each person or group of people. And then the organization pays you and you, in turn, pay your employees.

11. Photography and Video Coverage – This is one of the biggest and most trending business in Nigeria now. And there is so much money in it. How do I know? Because I’m also into it. You can make in a day what someone makes in 3 months! How cool is that? Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone, it requires great skills.

11. Event Planning – Are you good at planning and organizing events? Do you love to work behind the scenes of a successful show? Are you good at making others happy even though it comes with much stress, discomfort, and sacrifice? Then this is for you! Event planners are making it big in Nigeria and you could be one of them. Ensure you make a lot of research before starting.

12. Interior Design – I love this business and I love the idea of beautifying other people’s space. It comes with a lot of hard work, and patience, but it’s always worth it. One advice I will give you is to look for those who are already making it in the business and learn from them. It will help you avoid costly mistakes.

13. Travel Agency – Well I don’t know so much about this but I heard it’s a big one. If you are good at International relations, this may just be right for you.

14. Creche/Day Care Center – Starting a Creche is so easy, you can simply start from home but you have to be very friendly to kids and offer an exceptional service. Every parent needs a quality and trustworthy place to keep their children while they go about their work or daily functions.

15. Make-up Artist – Every lady loves to look good on their wedding day and on other events. Make-up Artists are always needed almost everywhere. It’s a good side hustle business especially if you are a professional.

16. Hair Styling/Wig Making – There are so many hair empires in Nigeria now, some deal with the importation of it while others turn hair extensions into wigs and sell them. The business is really making waves and if you know the in and out of it, you will love it.

17. Online Services – Acquire digital skills that will help you build your online visibility and earn a living from it. Start freelancing, start a blog, start a podcast show, edit articles for people, and let them pay for it, etc. Just do something positive online.

18. Coaching/Consultation Services – We have several coaching platforms now. There is a life coach, business coach, motivational coach, etc.  The younger generation needs someone to look up to and be inspired by their thought leadership. Locate something you know how to do so well and teach others who love what you do how to do it. And of course, it won’t be for free.

19. Digital/Affiliate Marketing – This is where the money lies now for content developers and producers. It is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies and it’s mainly done on the Internet. It also involves advertising through mobile phones, social media, websites, and other digital channels. You have to be really good to make it.

20. Rentals – It can be bridal rentals, chair rentals, equipment rentals, house rentals, etc. This yields a lot of profit for you because you keep renting the same things to different people. Maintenance is where the problem lies, but you can employ the service of a maintenance officer or manager to make things easy for you.

21. Fitness Instructor – I love to see fitness instructors and coaches, I always admire them when I see them on TV. They help people live healthier lives both physically and mentally and that for me is a life-saving business. If you are good at it or you are on your journey to physical fitness, you can carry others along.

22. T-shirt business – Everyone loves to wear a good customized T-shirt on special occasions and events, how about being the supplier or manufacturer?

23. Training Centres – Most people writing exams (ICAN, UTME, WAEC, CIA, etc.) in Nigeria usually need training and tutorials. You can acquire the necessary skills needed for it or hire people who have the skills to impact the knowledge of others.

24. Graphic Designer – Every good business needs a creative graphic designer and if you happen to be good and exceptional at what you do, then you are going to make it really big.

25. Delivery Services – You can ease the stress and take the burden off busy people by helping them make deliveries (Home and Office deliveries).

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