I love to attend conferences and I think I have always had a thing for them. I mean who doesn’t love an opportunity to learn, connect with like minds, and become better at what they do.

Conferences are a formal gathering or meeting of people with common interest coming together in order to talk and share ideas about a particular topic or to solve a problem (typically one that takes place over several days).

As a professional, upcoming influencer, business man or woman, the easiest way to grow your tribe and community is by attending conferences and meaningful events. You get the opportunity to invest in yourself, increase your knowledge, and network with great people.

I have personally had the opportunity to attend conferences with successful people and not only did I learn new things, I have been able to establish great relationship with very wonderful people.

So, below are a few reasons why you should invest in conferences.


Connect with like minded people

A conference hall is filled with lots of creative and inspiring minds. There is just so much you can get from being in a room with someone having similar interests. Before the event, I love to look on social media for the panelists or line up of speakers, I check for who they are and what the event is going to be about.

I also follow them up and other set of interesting people who should be attending same event using their official hashtag. If possible, I would try to establish a conversation with them at the event thereby leading to a positive relationship.

Opportunity to learn, grow and invest in yourself

Certain conferences are a once in a lifetime opportunity and they should not be missed. You should take advantage of your attendance positively. Investing in a conference gives you a chance to invest in yourself and your business. You learn from the mistakes and experiences of experts which in turn makes you more efficient at what you do.

It may cost you but it will certainly force you to level up, challenge yourself and set realistic goals for your work or business. By attending a live conference, you are able to get first hand knowledge and professional advises in your area of specialization.


Conferences are a great place to get motivated and inspired to actualize your dreams. It will ignite your passion and boost your confidence towards where you are headed. You will also get confirmations on certain things. You will be inspired to dream big and believe in yourself. You will also receive ideas that will enable you rule your world.

Networking opportunities

This is the most interesting part of attending a conference. It allows you to meet with people in real life and experience what it feels like to talk to some one ahead of you and rub minds. You can even meet with your mentor, role model, next client, friend, business partner, or someone you’ve always admired.

Make sure to always go along with your business cards, portfolios, projects, etc. Try to establish a new connection and build new relationships with people who seems to interest you. A simple complement could go a long way. To network better with people, you have to be friendly and confident in who you are. Don’t let anyone intimidate you.

Market Your Product/Services

A conference is one of the best place to market who you are and what you do. That’s why it’s necessary to exchange contacts even if you feel you don’t need it. You never know when you will be in need of them. Come to conferences with your products, goods, and complimentary cards.

After the conference, send them a message or  an email letting them know how great it was to connect with them. Let them know about you and the services you render. Tell them how to stay in touch with you and where to connect with you online just in case they need your services.

Do you love to attend conferences? How often do you attend? What’s your favorite part of attending a conference? Share with us below.