Few days ago, I met with a senior friend and we talked about millennials, the great things they are doing, the positive and the negative impact they have on the younger generation. I remember her capitalizing on their terrible manners. Well, I wouldn’t blame her. Will you? It’s quite hard these days to find 50 out of every 100 millennials with good manner of approach and great code of conduct.

Millennials according to Pew Research Center are a group of people (Generation Y) born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22-37 in 2018). They are also regarded as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st Century.

In her words and I quote “I think today’s youth lack mannerism and code of conduct…”. Do you think so? I sincerely think most of them have no clue as to how they should conduct themselves in public, at work, social and business gatherings. And so, seeing how necessary this was, I decided to share a few things I know on social etiquettes. Hopefully you can learn a few things!

1. Have a good posture, smile, and a firm handshake.

A good posture and a welcoming smile tells much about your self esteem and confidence. You can’t be timid or shaky and expect people to take you seriously. When in a business or social meeting, give a firm handshake or welcoming hug where necessary. You have to be confident about who you are when meeting people especially for the first time.

2. Do say ” Thank You”

Yes! It’s crucial to properly say thank you to anyone who has been generous enough to assist you with their time or knowledge. Saying thank you costs nothing. I say thank you to kids when they help me out, I say thank you to junior colleagues and friends, I say thank you to cook’s, cleaner’s and security officer’s. It makes them feel valued and well acknowledged. It also gives people a nice impression of you!

3. Don’t use your cell phone when talking with people

I would have loved to say ‘don’t use your cell phone when talking with important people’ but, hey! Everyone is important and it’s actually rude to do that to anyone. All thanks to advanced technology, we are all guilty. I feel, the only exception should be in cases of emergency or when you really need to pass an important information. Let’s all stop violating the use of cell phones, we should pay more attention to people around us instead of those absent.

4. Always say “Excuse Me”

The phrase excuse me is still very important in our today’s world. When you want to say something, say excuse me. When you need to interrupt someone, say excuse me. When you want to get someone’s attention, say excuse me. Don’t just invade on someone’s privacy, ask for permission first. It’s always very polite to say excuse me.

5. Don’t show up at a wedding/birthday party uninvited or empty handed

Okay! This means a lot. How do you guys do it? It’s really wrong to show up at an event, gathering, or party uninvited. Just make sure you get an invite from someone if you must attend. It will save you a whole lot of embarrassment or stories that touch. And when you are invited, don’t show up empty handed. Even if the person say, you don’t have to bring something or you probably don’t have money, plan ahead. Always go with something as little as Wine to show your love and appreciation.

6. Don’t break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend on social media

Hahahaha. Why would you even do that in the first place? It’s so immature. I personally think, you have to be emotionally matured and stable to be in a relationship. That’s if you will listen to me, I really don’t want you getting a broken heart. No matured person should spread their dirty laundry online. It’s really not hygienic!

7. Please and Sorry are still important

Our generation lack respect for human feelings. If you did something wrong or need something from someone, there is nothing wrong in using the words sorry and please. It’s a simple act of courtesy and it takes nothing. You don’t even have to be above, beneath, older or younger to use them. It simply tells how difficult and rude you are in person when you don’t use those words often.

8. Dress appropriately

First impression creates a lasting impression. Your style should always exude grace, poise and confidence. If you are attending a seminar, programme, event or conference, dress professionally. Don’t just wear something that’s in vogue or trendy, wear what represents your personal style and what makes you feel comfortable.

9. Do respond to emails and RSVP invites

I personally think it’s so rude to ignore important emails and RSVP invites. It’s not an optional thing! If you can’t respond promptly or attend the event, you should communicate it in good time or apologize where necessary. I didn’t even know how bad this was until recently.

10. Show up prepared for interviews and events

I don’t know if you’ve read my post on Instagram @naomi_destiny on maximizing opportunities for success. Make sure, you see every event, meeting or interview as an opportunity to share your ideas, gain knowledge and network with like or higher minds. Opportunities + Preparation = Success. Not being prepared shows how unserious you are about your life. Also, ensure you go with your CV, business or complementary cards if you have one and make it there on time. Punctuality really matters!

11. Don’t talk while eating

Yeah! Yeah! This is still an important etiquette in the 21st century. Let me know if you are guilty, Lol. How sad! Many homes don’t practice this. We really need to teach millennials the importance of these things. Stop talking while eating, it’s not good for your health.

12. Watch what you say and post online

Social media is a medium to positively impact others while connecting, interacting, and engaging with potential clients. You never know who is viewing your posts, and posting something online without due consideration could affect you professionally or attract some negative vibes. You don’t have to capture and post everything online.

Do you agree with these etiquettes? Are you aware of them? What would you love to add? Share with us below.