Knowing how to put out quality content in form of writing, is not something exclusive to individuals who are professionals only. Truth is, anyone can learn to write and produce engaging content through intense research and practice. Personally, I mastered the art of writing in college, through my literature professor who always encouraged us to write articles for the literature department. The articles were to be published monthly in a school magazine, and the more I wrote, the better I got with my skills.

The most crucial skill to develop as a writer is the ability to share ideas and express your views on a subject matter.  If you learn and follow these simple tips below, you will discover that writing is not as difficult as you think.

Read and learn

A good number of writers don’t like to read but if you want to be good at writing, you must learn to read. Try reading as many possible top-notch contents by established authors, so you can get an idea of their writing style. There are a plethora of high-quality articles and directories online, most of these articles are written by experts. You only need to read them over and over again to help figure out which elements and style work best. After that, you can put down your observations and use them as a guide when next you are writing. To help improve posture while writing, you may wish to get a beautiful pillow by your side, so as to help keep comfort levels high. Check out the best cooling mattress pad for mattress pad breakdowns or Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers for pillow break downs.

Attend writing seminars and classes

Attending writing seminars is never a waste of time as many think they are. You can improve your writing skills by attending writing seminars and classes online or in your community, associating with others who share your passion will inspire you. Most times, these seminars are held by prolific and professional writers who have mastered the art of writing. They will teach you by answering all of your questions concerning writing. They will also share encouraging stories of famous writers who overcame writing challenges, in order to help you grow.

Know the rules of grammar

To improve your writing skills, knowing the foundation of writing and grammar is paramount. As a writer, you should be prepared to take time out, to look at e-books and other favorite books associated with grammar construction and sentence structures. Mastering and learning these principles may not always be easy, but be rest assured that it will be worth it.


Practice is the best thing to do as a writer. Ensure you make out time for writing, at least one or two hours every day. It doesn’t matter the kind of titles you choose to write, as long as you put your thoughts and ideas creatively into it. Doing this over and over again will make you more familiar with the process and elements of writing

Simplicity in writing

It is undeniable that most of the current world writers use long sentences and big grammars which is quite difficult for a layman to understand, but since the primary concern is to keep readers focused on content, it is better to keep your writing style simple and straight. By making it more precise, crisp and direct, you are more likely to keep your audience focused on the critical aspect of the write-up.

Proofread your write-ups

Most writers never re-read their write-ups, you may make some of the common grammatical errors and not notice until you go over it again. Proofreading will, therefore enable us to point out those mistakes and help us avoid making them in the future. I will advise you do a second reading and do it out loud, this gives you a point of view from the reader’s perspective.

Don’t change tense in between sentences

Changing tense in between the content is another mistake writers make. They tend to write in simple present tense, and at the same time shift to future or past tenses. This may sometimes be grammatically correct, but in most instances, it ends up confusing the audience. Writers should always avoid changing tense in between sentences.

Don’t use repeated words

Repeating the same words over and over again diminishes the value of the content, it makes your articles look less attractive. Always make sure you don’t repeat the same words time after time in a written content. For an option, you may want to consider using the synonyms of the word instead.

Draft your post and edit it later

After writing, don’t be in a hurry to hit the publish button. Keep the work on a draft view and go through it thoroughly before submitting or publishing. This will help you find mistakes like spellings and punctuations.

Find a good editor

Finding and working with a good editor is always necessary for writers. And whether you want to guest blog on your favorite sites or try a content strategy for managers, you would need an editor. Personally, I have worked with many editors throughout my writing career and I have come to understand that, a good editor is one who is patient and able to quickly notice what’s not right in a written content.

Eliminate unnecessary words

The most common mistake beginner writers make is using more of compound words, this should be avoided. Always try to come up with short phrases rather than the longer ones, and also ensure you use words that align with your topic sentence. Not every sentence should be overwrought, so what you are putting out can be relatively useful.

Written by: Babara Green 

Babara Green is the Chief Editor of Sleep Titan, a mattress care and room design site for sleep and rest products.