You doubt your dreams and visions? You wonder if they will ever come through? You doubt your existence? You wish you had something better to do much better? You think you are not capable of achieving your goals? You feel you are not good enough? You are quite scared? You don’t feel confident about where you are headed in life? If your answer is yes, then you probably don’t believe in yourself! And even if you do, you are not so sure.

Many times in my life, I have found myself doubting the dreams and visions God placed in my heart. I wonder if I am up to the task, if I got all it takes, and if I possess something great enough to become all that I am supposed to be. You see, often times we forget that we have been equipped with all we need to become who we are meant to be. We are ignorant of the fact that everything we need to fulfill purpose and destiny has been deposited inside of us.

We find ourselves searching for answers in the wrong places, we start to feel like we need a particular type of validation and assurance to feel confident and secured enough to be all we can ever be. Society has taught us to look for answers outside our own abilities, and we fail to realize there are hidden treasures lying deep inside of us. If only we look deeper than the surface, we would find it.

There is something deposited inside of me and you that is capable of launching us to greatness. The problem is, we are so much in a hurry to launch out, to feel good enough, to do great things that we forget the process it takes to get there. How do you even do great things when you don’t feel great about yourself? How do you achieve all you hope to achieve when you can’t see far ahead than your today? How do you climb mountains you’ve never climbed before if you don’t take steps and pass though certain stages in life?

The strength of purpose and the clarity of your vision, along with the tenacity to pursue it, is your underlying drive of success. – Ragy Thomas

Sometimes all we need to get to where we want to be is to launch out and our fears will disappear. And most times all it takes to be where we ought to be, is to believe in ourselves that we would get there sooner or later. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would someone else believe in you? You can’t be afraid to take risks in life, because you don’t want to fall or fail. In fact, it’s those failures and setbacks we encounter on our path that eventually leads to our success in life.

You cannot become what you don’t believe.

The process may be rough, long, scary, tiring, lonely, uncertain, and unusual but trust that whatever it is, you can make it through anything if you don’t stop believing you can. We must keep believing in ourselves and that big dream of ours, even if no one else believes in it. God believes you have all it takes, that’s why he put that dream in your heart. I want you to know that you are enough!

For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give  you an expected end. – Jeremiah 29:11

I have also come to realize that, the number one reason why many don’t believe in who they are is because they keep comparing their life to others. It’s absolutely pointless to compare yourself with another person. It’s just a waste of time and you are probably comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. You have no idea how much time and commitment such person put into achieving the results you envy. Why not focus on where you are headed?

Focus on you and stop worrying about all the excesses. You can do this!

Instead of comparing yourself to others, tell yourself this everyday, “I’m going to work hard towards becoming all I ever want to be, I will give it all takes, and believe in myself even if no one else cheers me on and even if I don’t look like what I am becoming”.  You may have to encourage yourself all by yourself time after time, but don’t give up. Keep pushing on regardless of your circumstances. I believe in you!