The best stage to build your life and invest in yourself the most is your 20s. It is doubtlessly the most crucial and significant aspect of your life. The decisions you make, the habits you develop, and the actions you take at this age can determine your outcome in the future. And while many think they have it all put together, we have seen many who made mistakes that could have been avoided. Below, we shared top mistakes to avoid in your 20s and we hope you learn from them.

Not thinking for the long-term

Many millennials don’t think about the long-term, they only think about the short term. I know you want to enjoy the moment, live in the present and do the YOLO (You only live once) thing, but I don’t want you to get caught up in the pleasurable moment that you forget about the future. The kind of things we do presently adds up what we become in the future. And even though we can not tell what the future holds for us, we must prepare for it. Don’t just live for the now, think far ahead.

Not setting financial goals

Lack of proper financial planning may greatly affect your pocket tomorrow. I know you may feel that money is quite insignificant to you now because you are still young, but I hope you remember that you will one day be on your own. It’s necessary to set goals, create a budget for yourself, learn how to maximize your income and invest your money wisely. You may also wish to hire a professional to take you through the process and help you avoid the hitches.

Not taking responsibility for your life

No one can live your life for you. If you don’t take full responsibility, you will keep wallowing in self-pity and blaming others for everything that happened. You need to own up to who you are and areas you need to work on. Stop waiting for the perfect time or for some magical moment to take charge of your life. Now is the right time!

Not learning and growing

This is the age of creativity, the age of the mind. This is the right time to learn new things, explore, grow, and develop a better version of yourself. If you are not adding to your life at this age, then you are probably subtracting from it. Remember, learning never ends.

Not building your life around what matters

I remember looking at my life a few weeks back and wondering if I’m right on track. Am I building on the right things or am I just doing what I feel is popular? Life isn’t just about being insanely famous and super-rich, it’s about living a life that matters. A life that constantly adds to people other than taking from them. Don’t waste time on invaluable things like drinking, smoking, and partying every day, build your life steadily on what matters most to you.

Not building a side hustle to earn extra income

A side hustle is what you do to earn a passive income during your spare time aside from your full-time or part-time job. While we don’t advise you take up a job you don’t love or are not passionate about, we also hope you don’t misuse your spare time. Do something with the extra time you have, think about some of the smartest business ideas you can start that will fetch you money while you concentrate on other things. Think private investments, think entrepreneurship, think online business, think thrifting, think real estates, think forex, think stocks and bonds, etc. Be resourceful!

Not building your network

Your network is your net worth. The kind of people you associate yourself within your 20s determines the quality of your life. Networking gives you the right access to places, people and opportunities. Go out there, connect with wonderful people, expand your sphere of influence, and thrive on the relationships you have to achieve great things.

Forgetting your family and friends

No matter where you go in life, your family is your no. 1 fan. Most young people don’t care about their loved ones. They crave for building relationships with unknown people ignoring known people. Life is full of challenges and you can only face them boldly and confidently when you have a strong support system including family and friends. Remember that in any case of setback or failure, it’s your family that will stand by you. So, make sure you love and value the relationships you have in your life.

Investing in the wrong relationships

Relationships shouldn’t be a do or die thing. If you find yourself in the wrong relationship, please leave. Why? Because the wrong relationship will keep you stagnant, it will waste your time, make you feel less of yourself, and give you heartbreaks. You have to stop giving the wrong set of people your time, space, and energy. Channel them into something more positive and fulfilling.

Living in debt and spending carelessly

Living a life full of debt is the last thing you ever want to do in your 20s. Beware of wanting something so desperately that you will have to pay for later. Stop trying to keep up with trends, be happy with what you have. If you want something, pay for it immediately and if you can’t afford it, forget about it. Spend less than you earn and live within your means to stay happy and free.

Are you in your 20s? Have you made some of these mistakes? What other mistakes should every 20 something avoid to live their best life? Love to read your thoughts!