It’s been such a great year for us at the blog and we really want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our readers, our partners, supporters, mentors, and community at large for being here with us.

We are really grateful for you and we thought it wise to end the year by bringing together some of the lessons our readers and friends learned during the year to inspire others on their journey.

Naomi Destiny at VC4A workshop

Few days ago, we asked our online community ‘what did 2018 teach you?’ and we got quite a lot of responses and among them, we shared a few below. Hope you learn something!

1. 2018 taught me that to live a beautiful life, essentials like family, relationships, adventures, a spiritual awakening, purposeful living, showing love and giving are more important than material pursuits because when death comes, these are the things that describe the life a man has lived.

And then the best advice I got in 2018 “Don’t use the results of others to judge your process” and “Ease is proof that you operate by principles”.

– Seun Omonijo

2. I have come this far by the help of God, I should keep calm, everything beautiful will come in due season.

– Hauwa Matankari esq

3. It’s a process. What you dream and envision does manifest. Keep going!! #2018

– Gaurang Motta

4. 2018 taught me that safe is not fair; I made a deliberate decision to pursue my “pregnant future” to avoid miscarriage or abortion. I also learnt that consistency is one of the keys to success.

Strategic relationships with God and Man is another thing I learnt in 2018; I deliberately started to invest in the both relationships; since relationship is a recipe to success.

I also learnt that every good and perfect gift comes from above (God) and not abroad (Man).
I’ll stop here for now, but truly; 2018 made me to pass through a lot of learning, relearning and unlearning!

2018 taught me how to cook?

#InspirationDaries played a strategic role in my growth this year amongst other sources.

Looking forward to a fruitful 2019.


– Johnstone Kpilaakaa

5. 2018 taught me resilience. It taught me to be a fighter and not just for the sake of fighting, but fighting to win. My faith Bank has also increased in the course of the year.


– Enunwa Nduka Mike

6. 2018 taught me so much.
First, that putting God first in everything makes things easy for you. For the first time ever, I had a personal retreat in January and the results are evident.

Secondly, that consistency and diligence pays. I’ve been diligent in my business and I’ve grown beyond my expectations.

Thirdly, I have learnt to know people first, their level of maturity and intentions before telling them about your secrets.

Finally, I learnt that no matter what, there’s no reason to be unkind. I have advised people about things even when I needed advice myself. I gave even when I was in need. I consoled people even when I needed consolation.


– Winnie Bologisoko Leche

7. 2018 drew me closer to GOD. It taught me to value my quiet time, to do the right thing even when its not an easy thing.

2018 made me a giver. It made me realise who I really wanna be and not depend on anyone. I made extraordinary friends and I’m grateful for that.

– Okere Chika

8. 2018 taught me how to hold on to God, l learnt to rely completely on Him irrespective of my challenges and He definitely showed up at all points where I was helpless. God is my Ebenezer!

– Adebola Blessing Odupitan

9. 2018 thought me to be silent  to hear from God and allow him work wonders, it taught me to pause when I’m angry because most friends I made this year weren’t met on a good note but because I swallowed my words on our first encounter, our second encounter turned us into friends. 2018 taught me the power of positive relationships and most importantly the power of reflection and confidence.


– Samuel Rejoys

10. I learnt that, if you have no plan, life will give you one. Without corresponding actions, dreams are just mere dreams. Nothing will come out of a dreamy head that lacks discipline to work out his/her dreams.

– Roseline Shekogaza

11. 2018 thought me too many things but Love has been around. That little love you give out always return to you.

– Caleb Ishaya

12. I learnt that nobody can understand and believe in your dream more than you. I learnt that you don’t have everyone approval to pursue your dream. I learnt that no matter how unfair life could be at times, if you keep pushing and demanding life will eventually give you what you need. I learnt fear and low self esteem can kill the biggest of passion and dream. I learnt to believe in yourself and that YOU CAN, is still the fuel to the car of your expectations.


– Jesururu Atevure

In addition:

In 2018, I learned how to rest in God and receive His love. I learned that the best things that come to us aren’t what we strive for, or deserve. They are a product of His unconditional love.

– Grace Christos

It’s now over to you. Share with us some of your best moments this year and let us know what 2018 taught you!