Thai food is famous all around the world because it provides one with so many health benefits. It will give you a great amount of Vitamin C because it includes garlic and chilly ingredients. It is also good for your heart. Even Tom Yum soup is well known among many others. Scientific studies shows that Thai foods have great immune boosting powers because their dishes are mostly made with coconut oil and peanut oil. It is therefore considered very healthy to eat.

You can enjoy any delicious Thai food in a fine Thai restaurant while maintaining your healthy plan. And there are several of these fine restaurants in Australia, they make sumptuous but healthy foods that’s made up of fresh and nutritious ingredients.

If you are a Thai food buff like me, you will agree with me and at the same time if you are very serious about maintaining a healthy diet, then you may have to read on in order to keep these healthy guidelines at your fingertips. It will certainly help in choosing a healthy meal when next you visit any fine Thai restaurant.

Start With A Healthy Appetizer

Starters – When you are about starting a Thai meal, you should ideally begin with a healthy and refreshing appetizer. You should avoid fried items. An excellent choice in the Thai platter is the lettuce wraps. These delicious and mouthwatering wraps are made with well seasoned ground chicken, sweet corn, carrots and freshly chopped onions. This combination is being wrapped in lettuce and then topped off with the chopped scallions, refreshing sauce and jalapeños. This particular dish is a light appetizer and a great way to start off a meal in the healthiest way possible.

Soups – Another major option for the appetizers is to try out a small bowl of a healthy Thai soup. When choosing a soup, you should ideally stick to the soups that are broth based. These soups are light and healthy as well as a great appetizer. There are availabilities of certain sour and sweet soups to select from. These herbal broths are aromatic and are topped with mushrooms and bell peppers. These soups are great choices for a chilled winter day.

Choose A Healthy Yet Delicious Thai Main Course

Just like a healthy Thai starter and appetizer, you should follow the same rules while choosing your main course. You should ideally avoid items which are deep fried. In case you are not sure about what your dish contains, then you should certainly feel free to ask the server about the ingredients. The servers would be able to enlighten you regarding the ingredients, and that way you will be able to avoid the menus which contain deep fried items.

Stir Fry dishes – You should take note that the stir-fry is an excellent choice when intending to eat healthy. The stir fried dishes are practically lightly sautéed and not deeply fried in the traditional way. You should pick a stir fry which contains healthy veggies. For example, a menu called Pak Pak Kra Tiem consists of onion, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, Napa cabbage and baby corn and is served with a light and healthy garlic sauce.

Rice – While choosing your main course, you should ideally avoid anything with the fried rice. You can choose steamed rice with a healthy dish or you may opt for brown rice. You can also eat your dish with some steamed veggies and avoid having any rice altogether.

Curries –  Another great choice of eating healthy in a Thai restaurant is to explore the various kinds of curries available. These curry dishes are well flavored and at the same time very delicious. Moreover, they are packed with absolutely healthy ingredients. While ordering a curry in a fine Thai restaurant, you should ideally choose a color curry as their certain core ingredients and are absolutely healthy. Thai curries are prepared out of coconut milk and usually contain saturated fats but still, there are certain health benefits attached to them.

Are you familiar with Thai foods and their fine restaurants? I love them and I can’t wait for you to tell me some of your favorite places to eat in Thai. I love to check them out!

Written by: Jack Louis

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