Most of us must have experienced loneliness at some point of our lives, and we can clearly understand the pain that comes with it. While many may easily get through it, a lot of us are stuck in between an increasingly common problem that leaves us isolated in life. This isolation and loneliness process can make us lose touch with loved ones, the people around us, and sometimes with God.

When faced with loneliness, our faith may be tested and we may begin to search for answers in different places, but God should be the ultimate one we run to at that period. When you feel lonely, cast down, and forsaken, I want you to remember God’s assurance of his presence even in your most lowly state. It is in those moments of isolation, God seems to best speak to us because he wants us all to himself. So, here a few ways to help you find him during your lonely days.

Find His presence within you

We are never alone, even when we feel abandoned or forsaken, he is with us and will never leave us. That’s why it’s necessary to develop a close relationship with God. His presence isn’t just something to be felt in church alone but can be felt deep inside you, even in the quietest and most isolated moments. Reading the Bible can also help but more people are beginning to learn the benefits of Biblical meditation.

I will never leave you nor forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5

Closing our minds off every form of distraction and getting to discover that deep love for his presence can sometimes be buried by our troubles and worries, but meditating on his word day and night can truly help you feel the strength and grace needed to continue living in faith. It can help clear your mind to see things better and to see the morally sound path of what you are being faced with. Give Biblical meditation a try and you will see how helpful it is.

Connect to new communities

One reason why people feel isolated in life is because most of them have lost real connections with the people around them. Your local ministry and community can become an unwavering pillar of a strong supportive system for you even as life changes. If you really want people to become a part of your life, then you have to show interest too. Take time out and look for churches or local assemblies near you like Iglesia Universal. Get involved at your church, help in their efforts, and talk to the pastors. Create that pillar of support within your community that is becoming harder to find as people progress and make less permanent connections in the modern world.

Be the helping hand you want

During your season of loneliness, you are undoubtedly going to feel like life would be a lot better if only someone was there or people are willing to help. You may not be wrong, but you can improve your life and your connection to people by being that one person you desire in others. Finding local volunteering opportunities near you or missions overseas which can also help you build bonds with people. Seeing the change that you can make through faith-directed volunteering can help you experience the blessedness of God’s presence in the lives of others. There are many people in dire need of help, reach out to them. And even if you are in need of it yourself, by helping others, you are also helping yourself.

If you ever feel like loneliness is increasingly taking hold of your life, I want you to take the bold step and find not just a place in a community that’s willing to welcome you, but one that is able to help you connect deeper with God. Always know that he his with you!

Have you ever been through a season of loneliness? Are you currently in one? What are you doing to find God in the midst of those lonely times? I love to know. Share your thoughts with me and other readers!