We have all had that friend. You know the one – the person that finds a new hobby and it becomes all that they talk about. They seem to spend all the time trying to push their interests on you. Hoping to share their new passion, to get you interested and take you along on their journey. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But, most of the time, it can be annoying for some people. Your friend is being pushy, they are not respecting your feelings, or giving you much choice on the matter.

Sharing our faith with others is often one of the things we love to do especially because of the positive result from our experience and because we want that for others too. If you believe in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and the values they spread or you fellowship in another Church, you will understand the incredible joy and peace the Gospel has brought to your life. You must have taken comfort in the word of God shared from your Church and the support network that comes from there and you find yourself wanting to share what you learnt with your friends who may be having a tough time. But, if you are being pushy, you risk alienating them, and taking them farther away from God. So, how then can you introduce your faith to your friend without being pushy? Let’s talk about it!

Prayerfully Invite Them to Your Church

Almost all churches welcomes everyone, and they will undoubtedly be glad to see you bring your friends and neighbors along. But, inviting someone to church for the first time can be quite uncomfortable especially if they are new to the faith. Don’t just invite them on Sundays alone, bring them along to your special programs and features in Church. Most people just want to have a good time aside listening to the sermon, but when you bring them along to special programs like Singles & Married hangout, Youth events, Worship concerts, etc. You stand a bigger chance of making them want to visit again and again. Once you can do your part by inviting them, pray for them, and leave the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

Introduce them to Your Church Friends and Pastors

A big part of the Christian faith is the family and community around it. A church isn’t just a group of strangers uniting in worship, it’s a family, a place of love, and a place of togetherness. Don’t just take your friends to church, introduce them to your church friends and pastors if possible. Organize a dinner party at your house, a worship gathering, or a night out, and invite a mixture of friends from inside and outside of the church. Give them a chance to get to know each other, share your Christian experience, your values, and advice each other on the Kingdom.

Don’t Force Your Religion On Others

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.” – John 6:44

Obviously, if you are proud of your faith and religion, you will want to talk about it and that’s fine because I believe in the unashamedness of the Gospel. But, we are not called to impose our belief on others, we are called to share our faith with others. So, instead of being pushy, share your salvation experience with them, tell them about the benefits your church has afforded you, talk to them about God’s love, and let them willingly accept the faith.

Show Them Love

Sometimes, merely being a person that other people want to spend time with and be around is enough to introduce them to your faith. Be a kind and caring friend, show them love and support. It’s our lifestyle that attracts people to our faith not our words alone. People are no longer reading the Bible, they are reading you – what you do and how you do it. Be an excellent example to those around you, sometimes you don’t even need to tell them anything, they will ask you. Make sure that you live an honest life, help them when they need help, do good to others just as Jesus went about doing good.

Have you once tried to introduce your faith to others? What was the situation like? Did they think you were being pushy or over stepping your boundaries? How did you handle the situation? Share with us!