The longer your site visitors get to stay on your website or blog, the more likely they are to consume your content and have a great feel of your site. It’s not new to say that, most people quickly visit sites and in less than a minute, they are off. And it’s really sad and heart breaking, especially when you take out time to publish great contents on your blog and the view rate turns out to be low. It can be discouraging and I clearly understand!

Recently, I checked my blog analytics on Google and noticed my bounce back rate is 10 times better than before. Thought it will be good to share what helped me achieved that and what we bloggers can do to keep visitors for long on our site or what we can do to keep them coming back. So, this is for you!

1. Understand that the basic key to keeping and sustaining traffic on a website is creating useful, quality and valuable contents. Ensure your post is really adding value to others, be it something that has to do with your personal life. Constantly add value through your blog posts.

2. Add a search box to your blog or website. This can greatly improve user experience as well as the length of sessions visitors spend on your site. In most cases, when people visit your blog, they come with a question in mind and giving them the ability to search through your contents, they can easily find the information they need right away.

3. Build internal links by relating to other articles on your blog. This is one of the most proven method. You can prioritize key website pages on your blog through internal links within content. This can be done on blog posts and key website pages where you want to provide the reader with more useful information on a particular topic. Success is not something you achieve, it is something you attract by the person you become. Internal links significantly increase page views and drives visitors deeper into contents on your website. And remember to use compelling, keyword-rich text to show related posts on a similar topic on your blog. This should help keep your visitors for long.

4. Make sure your website has no issues with speed or loading time. If someone is visiting your site for the first time and it’s really taking time to load, they are likely to leave and never return. So, invest in making sure your blog loads fast and is really mobile compatible. Avoid using heavy images and too much plugins. Try to compress your images to a smaller size on reduceimages.

5. Engage your readers with something to do or place a call to action. One thing I love to do on my blog is try to make my write ups sound conversational. So, I write my posts like I’m speaking to someone directly and this helps to lure them in because they know I’m deeply interested in them. Try to also ask questions in your article and relate with them in such a way that spurs them to action. You can also show a little bit of your pleasant personality to draw people in! Don’t make it boring, have fun. Don’t be too serious and don’t be too playful. Just keep it real, talk to them like you would talk to your friend or someone you deeply respect.

Sure you found this helpful? Kindly share your thoughts below!