When you see me walking on the streets with dust on my feet, don’t pity me. I am walking the path of destiny. In not too long a while, my feet shall be dipped in butter and my paths shall drop fatness.

When you see me eating ‘kwa-kwa’ and drinking water; with no fish or chicken. Relax and watch. Because out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water and the waters have been commanded to produce these creatures.

When you see me without a job, single yet of age, without money or Benz or maybe an iPhone and designer clothes. Please don’t pity me, they would chase after me; I seek first the Kingdom.

When you see me fasting and praying, giving, reading, studying, believing, being serious about purpose, being about my Father’s business, and yet it looks like I’m not making notable progress. Laugh if you will but don’t pity me. A rocket uses a lot of fuel for combustion before it takes off into space.

When you see me talk about the supernatural and kingdom realities but my present reality looks like a paradox. Rejoice on my behalf, for the baby in the manger didn’t look like the King of creation, yet He was and is and is to come.

Don’t pity me.

Don’t pity you.

Don’t pity anyone born of the Spirit.

We are like the wind…

Unpredictable. Unfathomable.

Your ears would tingle eventually because we would blow your minds.

We truly are Limitless.

Immortality hidden in bodies.

Written By: Lisa Wunmi