By now, you already know how passionate I am about inspiring a generation of women who empowers and supports one another especially unto living a well meaningful life. To celebrate the 2019 International Women’s Day tagged #BalanceForBetter – I reached out to a few number of women doing great things in their various sphere of influence and I was elated by their kind responses and feedback.

As I sit back here reminiscing on the times when people saw no need for girls to go to school and times when women didn’t have a voice or choice, I can’t help but imagine how hard it must have been back then. Thankfully today, women now graduate from top universities, hold top executive and political positions, contribute and help make the world a better place. In this fun and inspiring post, 18 amazing women shared on why they love being a woman and why they think women are an integral part of the society. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing!

Founder, Winesstudentworld

It’s so hard for me to pick out just one thing I love about being a woman. Being a woman is an all-encompassing wonderful experience that combines unique qualities physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. that gives you what I can only describe as “super-powers.” I love being a woman and I’m so grateful I am one.It’s so hard for me to pick out just one thing I love about being a woman. Being a woman is an all-encompassing wonderful experience that combines unique qualities physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. that gives you what I can only describe as “super-powers.” I love being a woman and I’m so grateful I am one. 

Women should be integral parts of society because we are “integral parts” of society. There is no other way to describe it! We are ‘society’! We live in it; we contribute to it. It’s insane for us not to join in making the decisions that govern our society. Also, the perspective and lens through which we experience life cannot be presented by our male counterparts. Excluding that is a grave disservice to everyone. – Winie

Founder, Africanfinestmums

I love being a woman because a woman is created to be naturally nurturing. The ability, essence of and passion for caring is such a beautiful, sexy, wonderful gift. 

I think women are integral in society because we turn lemons into lemonade. The saying that what you give a woman she multiplies is so true.  Be it ingredients for a meal, an idea, the trust put in her, glimmer of potential in others that no one else sees, sacrificial heart, you name it, a woman will multiply positively, creating beauty and birthing purpose as she goes. Society cannot thrive without this. – Uju C. Maduforo

Founder, Gingerlielifestyle

I love being a woman because women are unique in so many different ways. We can easily play different roles in holding a family together and thus holding the society together. – Modupe Olusola Idowu


I didn’t choose to be woman. My love for being a woman is simply my love for being myself. I am woman and I have come to a place where I love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am in awe of myself and I wouldn’t choose to be designed any other way. If I were born a man, I believe it would be same. 

I believe women are an integral part of the society because we are part of the society in and of itself. We shouldn’t have to explain or defend why we deserve to be made part of something we are by nature made an essential part of the society is a whole and to function properly, the whole needs all of its parts in full action. When women aren’t allowed to function to our full capacity, we deny the society the ability to do so as well. Women make up close to 50% of society with our own strengths to match. Denying a woman room to fully function is therefore denying society access to those strengths to fully function. – Diamond Okoh

Career and Business Woman

I love being a woman for so many reasons. A woman is a dynamic being, often wearing many hats comfortably and acting in different several capacities many times in a day. Being a woman is truly a gift. It makes me feel powerful. I can carry lives, I can be whoever and whatever I want, because I have the inborn capacity. A woman is a bottomless well of strength. – Damilola Faniyi

Content Manager,

I love being a woman because I enjoy the dynamics of womanhood. We can do anything we set our mind to do. A society cannot thrive without women. Think of all the unique ways we do things and how we have solutions to almost any issue, even if we have to think on our feet, we still get things done. – Toyin Adekola


I Temitope, is honored to have been created a woman, delicate yet strong. I didn’t choose to be one and that makes it all special. I love being mysterious, being able to create with anything I desire. I love that my mind doesn’t work one way but can be diverse in thoughts. I love my emotions regardless of how fickle or tenacious it gets. I love that I can bring newness into earth and be a powerhouse of life. I love my curves and un-laid edges. I love the expressions that lie in owning my voice. I love every inch of being a woman. 

Therefore, women are here to help make things better. Women fill all the missing gaps. Women cannot be overlooked or pushed aside because a woman fills earth with so much life and love. Women has been given the great privilege to bring into the world, therefore a woman is constantly keeping this earth from growing extinct. We are protectors and should be protected. – Temitope Kenneth Jatto


Being a woman puts me in a position of helping other people (men, women and children). I love being a woman because I get to style my hair the way I like. Being a woman makes me me. Women are an integral part of the society because we are known and we act in ways that are heart felt, having a strong instinct and a large heart. With this strength of ours exhibited, we heal the world with love. In our words, thoughts and actions. All these are for the greater good! – Johnson Ocheche Mitchell

CEO, Hwevent

Simple truth is I don’t know if being a woman is best or being a man… But I love the idea that I get to grow a new being inside of me and birth it to this beautiful world. I could set my mind in achieving all I want, be the best in my career and be able to successfully multi task. I could go with my skin and be comfortable, wear make up and still feel very comfortable. Nothing beats being a woman! – Blessing Okeyoyin

Founder, Girliefixblog

I love being a young woman because women are strong. Anything a man can do, a woman can do also (even better). I can confidently say that women are most important in every family, and they are the solid force behind every successful home and family. We don’t only have soft skins, but we have compassionate hearts and minds. We can do whatever we want as long as we put our hearts into it. Now, in our societies and the world at large, we have so many women doing really great, exceptional things, and making the world a better place. I feel blessed to be a woman, and I’m proud to be one. – Susan Fehintola Afun

Chartered Accountant

I love being a woman because we have the ability to multitask. I could call it our superpower. From being a wife to being a mother, a daughter, an entrepreneur. We can also bring another life to this world. Our strength is clearly immeasurable. We also have the power to feel and show compassion to others. Without women, there’s nothing! – Blessing Wasinda Umar


I am a woman, and I love being a woman because I am a divine masterpiece, one is equipped with intelligence, beauty, innovation, creativity, love, empathy, strength, and a whole lot more. I am the real deal. A quote from Diane Mariechild reads “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” You take away a woman from the society, you have nothing. Nothing is birthed, nurtured, not to talk of being transformed. A society without a woman is a void of life. – Mide


I love being a woman because I am beautiful, soft and delicate yet so strong, confident and discerning. Only a woman truly understands how this works. Women are an integral part of the society because we have the ability to be resourceful (our intuition helps us proffer the best solutions), women adapt better (we thrive anywhere even without adequate resources) and we are resilient (we can bend but we never break). Women are born nurturers and we have the capacity to hold together what is broken, we are even a bigger force to reckon with when we work as a team. – Faith A.

Reporter, Pulse TV Africa

I can love, I can be compassionate, I can be a great support system and yet turn around, cry and show emotion; this is the beautiful intricacies of being a woman. I am capable of thriving in a male dominated sphere and yet not loose my Femininity; this is my super power, this is the beauty of womanhood. Women are the colors that brighten up our grey world. Their nurturing and tender qualities are not weaknesses but an added advantage in bringing balance to the world. Being a woman doesn’t make – Susan Ebi Jasper


Being a woman is incredible, especially in this 21 century. A woman naturally seeks the good of everyone she comes in contact with. A woman has a multiplier effect. She amplifies everything given to her. She gives of herself to everything she is involved in. A woman loves wholeheartedly. She is an irrefutable force in national building. The inborn determination and drive of a woman enables her achieve unattainable heights in anything she sets to do. I love being a woman. It is a trust and gift from God. – Grace Christos

Career and Business Woman

I love being a woman for so many reasons especially for the ability to carry a life for 9months, birth and nurture it. Also, I think that women are an integral part of the society because God has made us responsible for birthing, and training up the  child to becoming a useful individual in the society… Women are responsible for every human birthed into this world. There’s no society without a woman! We Rock!!! – Xcuzzie Mbi Sheyeen

CEO, Unique Stitches

I am a woman and I’m blessed to be a woman. Scripturally, a woman is a help fit for a man (Genesis 2:18b). A woman is far more blessed and precious than jewel (Proverbs 31:10-30) and a woman is wonderfully and fearfully made (Psalms 139:14). Women are needed in the society. Gone are those days when women were called housewives…Not allowed to do anything than housekeeping and child bearing. Because of God’s pronouncement of fruitfulness on women, we have hidden treasures filled with fertility. The seed of many generations are embedded on a woman. – Aniekpeno Gift

CEO, WakaGirl Services

I love being a woman because God has created us with amazing qualities that makes us unique. Women have always been the backbone of the society. Though our role has never been emphasized and belittled but over the course of history, a lot of women has been recognized for their impact on the world at large. And today, a shift has taken place in the world which was known as a man’s world to both men and women ‘s world with the latter sex being more emphasized. – Oyinlola Odulaja

Happy International Women’s Day!