With all the atrocities happening in today’s world, it’s important to pause, stand still, and just take a breath. No matter where you are, always remember that despite all of the hideous acts and selfish decisions that many people have taken upon themselves, we are all one.

Humans are constantly divided. We are told by society that our religion, race, sexuality, likes and dislikes segment us and put us all into little boxes. We protest about segregation while segregating ourselves. We draw imaginary lines upon the earth and charge each other money to step on each other’s land. We are the only special species God created to live on this planet and yet we tear down each other everyday. Humans are most divided, and it takes more than a tragedy for us to remember that we are all we have. It doesn’t matter where you find your faith, which religion you believe in, what colour your skin is, who you love: we are all we have, we are one, and we need to recognise this before it’s even worse than it is out there.

Whether you choose to follow Pare de Sufrir, the Muslim faith or Jewish, we should all be working together when it comes to finding peace. When we all realise that we are praying for the same thing – recognizing our creator as one – we can understand that we have strength in numbers. In good acts vs evil. In accepting each other for who we are as humans, without the labels on top. There are plenty of ways we¬†humans can¬† learn to support each other and be supportive of one another without being judgemental and without drawing those lines in the sand. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, but you can do a lot of little things below to show your support towards a peaceful world.


You have no idea what’s going on in the life of another person walking down the street. A smile alone can be enough to light them up and let them know that someone cares about them.


Whether it’s in a charity work or organization to help others, in the church on a food drive, at a school to help with the PTA; offering your kind assistance supports those around you.


Food, clothes, old toys, old electronics; rather than selling your things for cash, donating them to the most in need can be the best thing that to do for others. Not everything needs a price tag for someone who is struggling for the things that you no longer need.


Remember that no matter what religion or race you belong to, your sexuality or what you do for a living, people are human beings just like you. Respect everyone walking on this planet, just like you. Respect everyone trying to make their way, just like you. Respect their thoughts, decisions, and uniqueness. Let’s be the change we want to see in our world.

We are all one on this planet. We should work together to stay connected and not divided.