Can’t seem to get a good night sleep? Trying to rest at night but can’t seem to get yourself together? Whether you are struggling to sleep well at night or trying to improve your general sleep quality, these seven measures could really help if you give it a try.

Upgrade your bedding
An uncomfortable bed covering could be causing you to toss and turn at night. Consider whether you can improve your bedding in any way to make your night’s sleep cosier. First, consider the mattress – do you prefer something soft and springy or firm and supportive? Next, consider what kind of sheet materials would be best for you – the likes of bamboo linen could help those that get hot easily, whilst flannel is great for those that get cold easily. You should then consider the pillows you’re using – firm or springy, and how many? By building the perfect bed and sheet, you’re more likely to sleep easily.
Consume the right foods before bed
Did you know that certain foods can help you to sleep better? Turkey, almonds, bananas and honey are just a few foods that have been scientifically proven to be great sleep supplements. High-fat foods should be avoided, as should any caffeinated drink (coffee is the obvious no-no). You should also avoid alcohol if possible – whilst it may help you to sleep, it will dehydrate you and cause you to wake up more.
Use sleep inducing scents
Certain aromas can also help us to sleep. These include chamomile, jasmine and lavender. Placing some plants or air fresheners containing these scents in your room could help you to sleep better.
Make use of calming technology
Whilst you should try to avoid screens before bedtime (the bright light can trick your brain into thinking its day), there are some piece of tech that can help you sleep. These include night lights and apps that assist with sleep meditation by playing music or ambient noise or calming instructions. This could be worth trying out if you find it hard to lull yourself to sleep.
Buy some blackout curtains/turn off the light
If you can’t get to sleep because of street lights outside or keep getting woken up early by the rising sun, buying blackout curtains could be a good idea. By being in total darkness, your brain may find it easier to totally switch off.

Take a hot bath in the evening
A hot bath shortly before bed could be a great way to help you relax. The hot water will help to reduce stress and loosen up tense muscles, which could help you to fall asleep more easily.
Take control of the air temperature
Can’t seem to get the temperature just right in your bedroom? You could consider investing in smart HVAC for your home. Such heating can respond to your air temperature and keep the heat regulated so that it remains the same level. You can also control it from your phone, so you won’t have to get up in the night to adjust it if you’re still too hot or cold.
Do you get quality sleep at night? What have helped you thus far? Does any of the tips listed above sound familiar? Share with us.