You Think You Have Sense is an inspirational, self guide and educational book authored by Chukwuemeka Amadi and Chinedu Izundu. They shared the exact hacking techniques they applied in starting their lives from the barest scratch and eventually turning it to one of international recognition.

In the five concise chapters of the book, the authors practically teaches the reader achievable ways of transforming failure into success. One of it’s great areas of strength lies in it’s successful attempt at exposing the new way of getting desired jobs in the 21st century society.

The book launch event took place at Hotel De Horizon in Abuja on Thursday, the 27th of May, 2019. Some of the key persons present at the event include Mr. Lamide Johnson, Chief of Staff, Venture Platform; Barrister Ifeanyi Anago, Senior Partner, IfeanyiAnago and Partners; Mrs. Queen Ouserigha, CEO Cura Foods and Disposables; Stephanie Adams, Project Manager, Premium Times Center for Investigative Journalism; Ozii Baba Anieto, Founder, Ajambele; Wisdom Kwati, CEO Karabow Group, and many others.

The event was more like a huge family get together as it served as a physical meeting point for people who had connected either on the social media or in previous events. It saw to the renewal of friendships and contacts already established, while making massive room available for more networking.

It also gave attendees the opportunity of listening to the stories of business and life mentors, who handled very interactive and enlightening sessions. In all, four key note personnel’s spoke on different issues, centering on how practically, they were able to turn their seeming failures into success.

Mrs. Queen Ouserigha, the CEO of Cura Foods and Disposables gave the first speech. Hers was an amazing and inspiring story, as she meaningfully narrated how she was able to find a means of survival shortly after returning from the UK.

Her husband had been kidnapped and they had to spend their fortune as ransom. With barely little left to live on, she started trying her hands on cakes and pastries, which according to her was initially very discouraging because the need of the Nigerian market largely varied from the UK.

Through several consistent experiments though, she came up with ‘Cura Crunch’ which didn’t enjoy the luxury of a name at the beginning. Made from plantain flour and sweetened with honey, Cura Crunch served and still serves as a healthy snack for everyone, including the diabetic. She shamelessly went round the city of Abuja to market her then unbranded product. It was in this process that she met partners who made useful suggestions on how she could package and brand her product for better acceptability.

The Cura Crunch snack birthed Cura Foods and Disposables. She now runs a huge factory in Abuja and her products are currently being enjoyed across the federation. The crux of her story was to encourage young business owners to remain consistent in their little attempts rather than wait for everything to be in place. Continue doing what you can while you remain open to learning through the process of growth, things will naturally fall in place, she spoke to the audience.

Mr. Lamide Johnson, CEO of Venture Platform took the stage as the chairman and broke his talk into three parts; Own your story, Believe in your Story, and Tell your story. He used his personal experience; being a motor boy when things were tough for his family and how he secured a job after multiple rejections from companies due to the course he studied in school. He said, one cannot tell a genuine story except they own it and believe it.

Mr. Anieto stressed the need of social media in telling a story and how social media became a platform where he has influence huge number of people.

One of the highlights of the event was the book review where the reviewer, Stephanie Adams took her time expounding the secrets innate in the book, emphasizing on the natural tendency for people to resonate with those who are successful. She however stressed on the need to network within one’s circle for result oriented reach outs.

Another high point was the unveiling of the book and its eventual launching which came towards the end of the meeting. This was anchored by the Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Lamide Johnson in collaboration with Mrs. Queen Ouserigha.

The book had it’s foreword written by Emeka Nobis, and it’s partners included Cura Foods and Disposables, Oxen Technology, Afrilite and Oavalze Coffee.

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About the Authors:

Chukwuemeka Amadi is an experienced Business Consultant, a Sales Strategist, Educationalist, and Storyteller. He is an alumnus with the Fate Foundation, and British Council Enterprise. He is passionate about community development, social impact, creative education, and entrepreneurship.

Instagram: @tombrown_leader

Chinedu Izundu was listed winner of the 2016 Life In My City Festival held annually in Enugu, Nigeria. Using his sense of creativity and humour he has been making impact in a low income community in Kaduna State where he is currently working as a fellow for Teach for Nigeria.

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