We as humans tend to prize those who have power over others. We think of the manager of a firm dictating when his employees must be in at work. Of course, this is not a terrible form of power, as it’s a mutual contractual obligation between them and the employees of the firm, a voluntary and recompensed ideal.

However, all forms of power over others due have a certain allure, something that is reflected in our politics (on both sides of the aisle) and in smaller, generalized ways we might see in our everyday life.


However, what’s often disregarded is the ability to feel powerful within yourself. If you can do this, then you can feel less inclined to listen to what others think about you – you can set those terms for yourself, provided they are always based in reality. It can take some time to achieve, and it does take time, but becoming more powerful from the inside can be an essential and thoroughly important part of living well and subverting the stress of the modern world. How can this be? Let’s see how you can cultivate your inner strength.


Take Care Of Your Body


Taking care of your body is essential to improve your confidence and increase your self-worth. This can be conducted through health and fitness, through meditation, through reading to keep your mind sharp. But what also matters is how you proceed with the tough decisions in life, such as family planning procedures. Remember it’s your body, and it’s essential to treat it as such. When you have a better sense of your own identity, you are more likely to appreciate yourself appropriately, rather than letting anyone walk over you.


Trust Yourself


It’s very important to trust yourself. If you can do this, then you can better your life tremendously. It’s very simple to do this. Simply carry out the promises you make to yourself, and do your utmost best not to break them. This is because the moment you ignore an oath you have made to yourself, you can feel your grip on your actions start to fade away, and that’s never a good thing. This might be a necessity to help you stop falling into the habits of the past. But most of all – you need to trust yourself to the end.


Focus On That Which You Love


It can be hard to know what purpose you might have, or what direction you might want to go in life. To that, we would recommend focusing on that which you love. This can be the best and most natural direction you might follow. It could mean quitting your office job of over 10 years to try and fulfill your dream of running a pottery and crafts business. It could be something even much bigger.

What matters is knowing that you want something, and you are doing your best to actualize your dreams. If you take a stand towards what you want in life, you can be sure to appreciate yourself more.


With this advice, we hope you are much better and able to conquer your fears and become more powerful from your inside.