If you have been following the multitasking conversation recently, you will understand that the emphasis is changing. What used to be a bulletproof character trait is now under threat as it might lower your focus and increase stress. Using it as a tool for career progression then, might not sound like a good idea; however, it often makes the difference for employers. They love a candidate who can multitask and aren’t afraid to let applicants know it. Here are the reasons why.

Productivity Boost

When you can handle multiple jobs at once, you are bound to complete more work. And, if you can do this regularly, your output levels will skyrocket. Once this happens, the company will turn into an effective and efficient unit, spotting roadblocks and sidestepping them at ease. Of course, you need to prove you are capable of juggling tasks and responsibilities. Otherwise, standards may drop and employers will tag you as incompetent. The trick is to group tasks so that completing one seamlessly ticks another off the to-do list. When you do this, you will be a constant fixture in your boss’ head regarding promotions.

Slacking Off Decline

Some businesses don’t mind if you are not 100% efficient at multitasking. Why? It’s because they know you are not slacking off. Workers with a small workload have the option to procrastinate and cost the company time and money; employees who multitask is the flip side of the coin. They are hard workers who continuously take on new jobs and attempt to push the envelope. Multitasking is a sign – it shows the higher-ups how far you are willing to go to reach the next level. If there is one thing that employers love, it’s a mixture of drive and determination as it’s innovative.

Education Top-Up

Knowledge is power, and, without it, you will find reaching the upper echelons of the business a challenge. The good news is higher education courses are available for those who want to take on the extra responsibility. Because not everyone is game, it’s an excellent way to stand out from the crowd; you want to be better and are willing to multitask. Employers are more likely to reward the people that prove their allegiance to the cause by taking night classes to become a better employee. You invest in yourself so that they invest in you when the time is right.

Work/Life Balance

A balance between life and work has made things tough for businesses. They need their workers to put in the hours, yet they have to ensure they are happy outside the office. On top of everything else, a company has to pay them the same amount if not more. With a multitasker, there is no need for a manager to worry about the balance between life and work. They know you can manage your time effectively and will find fun and exciting things to do outside of the workplace.

As a result, hiring a multitasker is a simple way to bring a fresh and creative voice on board.