We all have fears when it comes to starting a business, running with an idea or growing our network and it’s normal. Sometimes these fears can be overwhelming, and to think that they are not even real can also be physically exhausting. But, once you know what to do to overcome those fears, then there isn’t so much to be worried about. It can be a tough decision starting a blog and sometimes, you have to feel the fear and do what you’re meant to do regardless of how you feel. So, here is something to help you overcome all your blogging fears.

Invest In Knowledge

One of the greatest fears of starting a blog or running a blog is not knowing enough. As a blogger, you are required to understand some certain things before starting. What do you know about creating contents? What do you know about digital marketing? What are your experiences in networking with people and working with brands? What do you know about copyright issues and plagiarism? How do you tell a story from the audience point of view? How well can you relate with people on social media? What do you know about publishing and images? etc.

Now, I’m not asking all these to scare you or make you back out. Most of us didn’t know everything when we started out in the first place but, we went for knowledge and in all our getting, we also got understanding. It’s okay to have fears but if you entertain those fears, it may become real. The best thing is to understand how the back end works by investing in getting knowledge. There are a lot of free stuffs and blogging resources online, search for them and read them. You should also be learning from experts in your field.

Believe In Yourself

In this blogosphere, you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t, not may people will believe in you for you. Never be shy or afraid of sharing your blog posts anywhere and at any given time. Be confident about what you do because your voice is unique and second to no other. A thousand people can be doing what you are doing but only you are you.

Don’t entertain negative comments and side talks, don’t give space for self-doubts either. Stop focusing on the thoughts and opinion of others, it may damage your self-esteem and lead to more fears.

You may be thinking, what if nobody reads my blog? What if my writing is bad? What if I fail at it? But, what if not? Stop thinking that way. There are still a thousand bloggers out there who don’t have it all figured out yet. Give your blog the best you can everyday, believe you will be succeed and you will.

Socialize and Network With Others

You can’t be in your cage and expect people to magically find out about your blog, you have to put yourself out there. You are your number one fan, so represent your brand well. Social media has made it seamlessly easy to advertise your business and network with like minds. You can effortlessly connect with people you love and admire online with just a single tap.

Be wise. Understand how social media works, find out the various platforms that’s suitable for your brand and concentrate on sharing value. Try to also interact and collaborate with bloggers doing awesome stuffs online. Don’t shy away from people. Don’t stay in your comfort zone.

Make a list of valuable people online you had like to work with someday, follow their pages and share thoughtful comments and feedbacks.  It may not happen almost immediately but envision it for yourself and sooner or later, it will happen. Join social media communities like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Quora, etc. Follow hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

 Develop Effective Strategies For Your Blog

Every business has a plan and strategy for growth and dominance in the market place. If you are not thinking about the long term for your blog, then you should start now. Your blog represents you and your voice, use it well. Don’t just think local, think global.

Even if it’s going to take you five years to achieve your goals and plans, map them out carefully and patiently wait for it. Develop effective strategies that will make your blog work, if you need to get help from someone to do that, do it. If you are too scared to dream big, you may never be able to step into big things. Dream as big as you can but, more importantly is to draft out plans and methodologies that can help you.

Be Consistent

Many struggle with consistency and there isn’t one reason to justify that. But, if you can learn how to be consistent at what you do, then you can overcome anything. Professional bloggers have given out their time and numerous years to stay in this game because they know deep down within themselves that it will pay at the end. Yet, many of us back out at any little sign of discouragement or challenge.

The fact is, it takes time and it’s really not easy. It took Linda Ikeji four years to start profiting from her blog and it took her fourteen years to break free from the hustle. This is no joke. You have to be serious if this is what you plan on doing for a long time. It’s easy to be frustrated and discouraged when your efforts are not pulling any weight but stay at it.

Consistency is very possible and achievable. You don’t have to write everyday on the blog but you have to keep sharing and putting yourself out there. A blog planner and goal setting book can help you stay consistent. Have a content strategy and social media plan, learn digital marketing skills, and always plan ahead.