Personal growth and development is an essential path we must all take to achieve success in life. It is the conscious and deliberate effort to improve your life, grow as an individual, invest in your future, reinvent yourself and become a better person in the future.

When it comes to personal development, there is never a place of arrival. It’s a continuous process. You must never think that you have arrived because there should always be room for improvement. You must also be ready and disciplined enough to take the required action to be better at what you do and who you are generally.

Change your mindset

We all know that true transformation starts from within. How you see yourself and perceive things around matters. Ever heard of the saying, if you can change your mind you can change your life? True! Because, the first place change takes place is in the mind. If you want a new you, you must be ready to change what enters into you. This includes, what you hear, what you read, who you listen to, who you hang out with, and many other things.

A lot of us think that our association doesn’t matter but it does. If you hang out with same group of bad boys and bad girls everyday in a week, I guarantee you that by the following week you will be tempted to think like them no matter how good you are. It’s garbage in garbage out, and even if you don’t see things their way, your subconscious mind will store it in. And then, one day you will be surprised to see what’s coming out of you simply because you have become easily yoked with them.

Speak positive words into your life daily

And God said, let there be light and there was light. This tells me that if there was ever a thing I desire to see manifest in my life, I must first speak it to existence. God didn’t give me a mouth to be quiet, he gave me a mouth for a purpose. Some of us are not using our mouths well, all we know how to do is speak bad of people, gossip about them and curse on them. Many destinies have been destroyed by the scorching power of the tongue…stop it!

If you want a better you, then you must speak the right words. Look into the mirror and speak life, tell yourself I am beautiful, I am loved, I am accepted, there is a God on my inside and I can do this. I did this everyday even when I did not feel like it and I kept declaring it. You may think it’s not nothing but it’s working. Look for words that perfectly aligns with the life you want and place it somewhere in your room where you can see it and speak it every day.

Become an ardent learner

Don’t just follow successful people, learn from them. I am very careful about the people I follow, I don’t just follow for following sake, I observe them carefully, I follow their teachings, messages, and posts with the passion to learn. When it comes to certain issues, I’m always eager to learn more. Stop doing Mr. & Mrs. Know It All. When you see an opportunity to learn, you better humble yourself and learn.

Surround yourself with what your future looks like

If I’m heading towards a particular goal in life, it’s only wise that I surround myself with someone aiming towards that same goal with me or someone who has attained the goal. Any other thing is a distraction, and that’s where focus comes in, that’s where investing in yourself also comes in. Learn to discipline yourself on a daily basis. Always remind yourself of who you are and where you are headed in life. This helps you  keep your head up high and maintain focus.

And lastly, in the words of Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye – If you fail to reinvent yourself and invest in your future, you will resent those who have moved on for leaving you behind. Don’t be left behind!

 PS – How are your plans for personal development going this year? Are you ready to commit to a better you daily? Let us know how we can help below.